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Cottage Green
Colorbond Shed

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Fair Dinkum Builds offers an impressive selection of sheds, both for commercial and residential use, for people who need more protected outdoor space for things like storage, workshops, barns, and more. One of our most popular colours is Cottage Green Colorbond, which is a deep green with a blue undertone to give it a darker, more sophisticated edge. If you're looking for a contemporary yet modern colour for your shed, then let us introduce you to Cottage Green properly.

Design & Customise Your Own Pale Cottage Green Colorbond Shed

The idea of buying a shed can be daunting, especially when looking for one on a larger scale. However, at Fair Dinkum Builds, we want to make this process as fun and enjoyable for you so you can get excited about your new shed. We have designed our own Shed Designer App that you can use to play around with the different configurations, colours, and extra accessories before settling on your perfect plan.

Once you're happy with your choices, you can send the mock-up to us for a quote, and if you're happy, our team of expert builders will get started on turning your vision into a reality. Our sheds are backed with an industry-leading warranty of 30 years, so rest assured that everything we deliver to you will be of the utmost quality and reliability.

Stramit® Corrugated roof and wall cladding
  • Stramit Corrugated roof and wall cladding is ideal for customers on a budget
  • Lightweight, quick and easy to install
  • A traditional and iconic shed cladding backed up with modern-day technology and design.
Corrugated cladding on a skillion shed with lean-to
Stramit Monoclad® roof and wall cladding
  • A perfect mix between water-carrying capacity, wind-load durability and design
  • Facilitates single pane long-run roofing through Stramit’s compatible Monolap® joint system.
Close up of Stramit Monoclad wall cladding
Stramit K-Panel® wall sheeting
  • The wide-covering wall sheeting is perfect for smaller sized buildings or sheds
  • Simple to install due to its quick and conventional fastening design
  • Perfect for smaller residential sheds, with a lower profile allowing for smaller flashing.
K-Panel shed with glass sliding door
Stramit Longspan® roof and wall cladding
  • A great option for those on a smaller budget, and easy to install
  • Stramit Longspan® offers customers countless design possibilities with variable screw fixing patterns
  • The architecturally limitless applications can enhance whichever roof style you choose.
Close up of Stramit Longspan profile
Stramit Monopanel® wall cladding
  • Complete your shed's exterior with traditional lines and a sleek, even finish
  • Can be ordered in a wide range of colours to suit every taste and style
  • Currently unavailable in Queensland, Western Australia or Northern Territory.
Close up of Stramit Monopanel wall cladding
Stramit® C-Clad 280 wall sheeting
  • Features traditional lines and concealed fixing to enhance any house or shed
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile allows for smaller flashing and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications
Stramit SharpLine® architectural wall cladding
  • Add a touch of class to your shed with sleek and elegant panelling
  • Features a minimalist design and sharp rib edges that ooze with sophistication
Close up of Stramit SharpLine wall cladding

We tailor the sheds we make around the needs and available space that each customer has. Using the latest shed software programming available, we can craft a unique shed that is the perfect style, size and shape for you.

  • Includes several built-in safety features and a spring system which is suitable for a lifetime of household use
  • High-quality rounded steel panelling is available in sizes as large as 3100mm x 5400mm (Height x Width)
  • A robust and reliable option to protect the contents of your shed.

The Taurean Pr1me Shed Roller door can also come with Grifco or Merlin automatic openers.

  • These residential roller doors feature a spring system tested to endure up to 25,000 cycles with ease
  • Rigid and firm construction for enhanced security
  • The stylish and tasteful rounded design is attractive as well as functional.

For total ease of use, the Taurean NovaTaur® roller door system is available with Grifco or Merlin automatic openers.

  • The Taurean Windstrong® offers optimal protection against high-force winds
  • Offers a weather-protected access door perfect for residential buildings
  • Features a flexible sealing strip along with its interior which blocks our leaves, dirt or debris.

The Taurean Windstronroller door also is available with Grifco or Merlin automatic openers for optimum useability.

5 degrees
  • The perfect option for residential buildings where looks are everything
  • A straight roof gives a shed a more streamlined and contemporary aesthetic
  • Can only be used with skillion (or monopitch)
Garage render with 5 degree skillion roof
11 degrees
  • Subtle, classic gradient which is ideal for garages and residential properties
  • Suitable for both monopitch/skillion and gable roof sheds
  • 11º is considered a trusted, go-to option for residential builds.
Garage render with 11 degree gable roof Garage render with Skillion 11 degree roof pitch
15 degrees
  • Its higher interior allows for access to larger vehicles, boats or caravans
  • This solid and defined roofline is aesthetically pleasing
  • Its effective water run-off system can be advantageous to those who live in high rainfall areas
  • Can be paired with both skillion/monopitch and gable roof styles.
Garage render with 15 degree gable roof Garage render with 15 degree skillion roof
22 degrees
  • 22º is the ideal pitch to attach solar panels to your shed’s roof
  • Large internal clearance space means there is plenty of room for vehicles etc.
  • Performs well under harsh weather conditions
  • Can be used with both skillion/monopitch and gable roof designs.
Garage render with 22 degree gable roof Garage render with 22 degree skillion roof
30 degrees
  • 30º roof slopes easily run off heavy rain
  • Massive internal clearance area allows room for a mezzanine, large vehicles or both
  • Ideal for those who prefer strong and defined architectural lines
  • Suitable for gable roofs only.
Garage render with 30 degree gable roof
45 degrees
  • Visually dynamic and impactful roofline resembles that of a church
  • Perfect for any heritage-listed buildings
  • Withstands rain and other harsh weather easily
  • Suitable only for gable style shed roofs.
Garage render with 45 degree gable roof
Step skillion
  • A distinctly contemporary and modern looking roofline
  • Can be tailored to suit any roof pitches between 5º and 22º
  • Ideal for sheds which are close to boundary height restrictions.
Garage render with step skillion roof pitch
Eave overhangs
  • Eaves provide total weather protection to doors and openings
  • A popular option for customers who want a clean, modern aesthetic
  • Excellent performance in both colder and warmer climates.
Eave shed
Lean-to side walls
  • Maximise on the available space by creating a roofed area next to your shed
  • Utilise this space either as a veranda or an additional storage area
  • Provides an excellent shaded area for a BBQ.
  • Can be left open or enclosed with cladding, and can be added to both skillion and gable style sheds.
Garage  render with lean-to with no drop
Personal access doors
  • Provides easy access or an exit point, without using the roller doors
  • Can be made to different widths that suits your requirements
  • Available in a wide range of COLORBOND® steel and COLORBOND® steel Matt colour options.
Man holding open the personal access door on his COLORBOND steel matt garage with a four wheel drive parked inside
  • Specially designed shed windows that keep the shed watertight
  • Attractive aluminium steel finishing for added elemental protection and style
  • Features only high-quality AMIA window materials.
Man walking through a shed home office with plants and computers
  • Increase the overall comfort within your shed – regardless of the weather
  • Highly effective heat reflection capabilities that prevent overheating
  • Numerous insulation options for customers to choose from with optional R rating.
Interior shot of a fully insulated shed
  • Decrease condensation within your shed
  • Circulate the air effectively, preventing it from becoming stale
  • Allow you to enjoy your shed within the hottest months of the year.
Corrugated shed roof featuring whirlybirds
Glass sliding doors
  • Provide functional access points that also let in natural light
  • Offers customers complete freedom over how you utilise your shed
  • Increases the amount of air circulation.
Sliding doors seen from the inside of a shed
Storage mezzanines
  • Free up floor space
  • Get rid of any clutter or large items
  • Get the maximum amount of use out of all the available roof space.
Interior shot of a shed with a boat parked below the mezzanine floor
  • Available in varying heights to suit the dimensions of your shed
  • Allow safe and easy access to a mezzanine
  • Choose between a range of wooden or steel stairs.
Internal stairs inside a shed
  • Transform one large space into several smaller ones
  • Gives you total control over the floorplan of your shed
  • Perfect for making an office space, additional storage or a spare room.
Internal shed wall creating one large open bay and one smaller bay
InfinitiLine® gutter
  • Disperse any excess rainwater effectively in heavier than normal rainfall
  • Concealed overflow slots maintain a sleek look
  • Prevent flooding or water damage damage
  • Only available in NSW and ACT.
Close up of the Stramit InfinitiLine Gutter showing the concealed overflow slots
Gutter styles
  • Can be ordered in a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colour options to suit all styles
  • We supply a range of gutters that comply with local or regional requirements
  • Check with your local Fair Dinkum Builds outlet for gutter options available in your area.
Shot of the underside of eaves showing the downpipes and gutters
  • Brighten your shed with natural sunlight
  • Save on electricity and heating bills during the day
  • Skylights are all constructed using fibreglass or durable and long-lasting polycarbonate sheets.
Inside of a gable roof shed with translucent skylight panels
Open bays
  • Increase natural air circulation throughout your shed
  • Allow for easy access for vehicles – or use as a shaded outdoor area.
Rural shed with 3 open bays

Our industry-leading system warranty offers you peace of mind and security. All Fair Dinkum Builds designs are engineered using our unique software solutions and backed by our technical expertise, meaning we'll guarantee they'll withstand wind conditions for 30 years.

That's over and above any materials warranty you get from our suppliers.

Our system warranty is subject to the limitations and qualifications set out in the Warranty Terms and Conditions available here.

Our products are engineered to the highest safety standards and therefore comply with all national, state and territory building code requirements.

Our sheds are also ShedSafe accredited – an industry recognised stamp of approval, so you know that your shed will protect you, your family and your investment.


Designed specifically with you in mind

No matter what you use your shed for, you’ll find the ideal solution at Fair Dinkum Builds. All our sheds are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.


Cottage Green Colorbond Shed Complimentary Colours

Choosing the perfect base colour is essential when designing your shed, but you can't forget the complimentary colours either. These can be used for the accessories and smaller components against the Cottage Green shed's base and can greatly influence the look of your outdoor space.

Manor Red®

Classic Cream™

Dover White™


Pale Eucalypt®


Night Sky®

Manor Red

Manor Red is a deep burgundy colour that can bring out the darker hues of Cottage Green to create a sophisticated design with just a hint of colour. We think the darker undertones of both these colours complement each other perfectly, so it's a popular option if like a traditional colour pairing.

Classic Cream

Another popular combination among our customers is Classic Cream and Cottage Green, which uses the yellow undertones of the cream to bring out the vibrant accent of the green. If you want to highlight the green colour, Classic Cream is a great idea.

Dover White

When pairing any base colour with Dover White will brighten it up and give it a gentler tone, and the same can be said with Cottage Green. This pairing gives you a classic green and white vibe that creates a focal point with sharp lines and contrasting tones.


Surfmist is another light colour, but it's not as vibrant or harsh as Dover White. Surfmist is a light beige to offer the same bright accents to the Cottage Green, but without such harsh lines. This is a great option if you want to use neutral, earthy tones.

Pale Eucalypt

Green on green is always a good idea, which is why Pale Eucalypt is a good option if you want your shed's accents to pop against the Cottage Green base. This creates a stylish monotone look that'll be admired for miles.


Cottage Green is already a dark colour, but pairing it with a darker accent colour like Monument will make it appear even darker. Monument is a charcoal grey with similar undertones to Cottage Green, so these two colours complement each other beautifully.

Night Sky

Night Sky is our darkest Colorbond option, so pairing it with Cottage Green will create a sleek and sophisticated look with dark lines and accents. We recommend Night Sky as one of the best options for customers who want a modern look for their shed.