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Our history 

Even though we're one of Australia's freshest faces in sheds and patios, you might not know that we have a surprisingly long history.

Originally forged as AG&S over 30 years ago in 1990, the business began as a small family owned business based out of rural Camden in New South Wales. 

As they say, the rest is history:

  • 1990: AG&S began as a family owned and operated business in Camden, NSW. 
  • 1992: AG&S went national, establishing a successful network of distributors across the county.
  • 2004: AG&S rebranded to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds
  • 2007: Fair Dinkum Sheds joins the Stramit family of businesses as part of Stramit's evolution as one of the nation's biggest steel roll formers.
  • 2010: Fair Dinkum rebrands again to become Fair Dinkum Sheds
  • 2010: Fair Dinkum Sheds partners with the Australian Men's Shed Association, providing direct funding to initiatives and discounts to more than 150 local Men's Sheds throughout Australia.
  • 2012: Taurean Door Systems (formerly Stramit Doors) also joins the Stramit portfolio.
  • 2018: Fair Dinkum Shed products begin manufacturing from Stramit's new Knoxfield facility (along with other Stramit sites nationally).
  • 2020: Fair Dinkum Sheds evolves to become Fair Dinkum Builds. 

Today, Fair Dinkum Builds is manufactured from Stramit's 16 sites nationally and is distributed via an equally impressive network to homes and businesses across the country.

From its humble beginnings in Camden NSW in 1990, it's evolved to become a national player offering customers local customer service that's backed by a national powerhouse.