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At Fair Dinkum Builds, we're all about creating top-notch carports that not only shield your ride from Australia's tough weather but also give your property a bit of a boost. As Hobart's go-to carport builders, we're trusted by many.

We're not about one-size-fits-all here. We work with you to create a carport that ticks all your boxes. Whether you're after something simple or a bit more bespoke, we've got the skills and know-how to make it happen.

Popular Carport Sizes

Single Carports

Single Carport

Got one car and need to keep it safe from the elements? Our single carports are just the right fit for you. They're about 3.4 x 5.8m in size, which is plenty of space for your car with a bit of room to spare for storage or even a mini workspace.

Learn more about single carports.


Double Carports

Double Carport

Two cars, or maybe you need some extra storage? Double carports are your best bet. They're roughly 6 x 6m, so there's enough room for both your rides. And don't worry, our Hobart double carports are built with high-quality materials to keep your property tidy and your cars well-guarded.

Learn more about double carports.


Triple Carports

Triple Carport

Big family or just love cars? A triple carport is what you need. They measure about 9 x 6m, so you can easily fit three vehicles or a mix of cars, gear, and storage. These expansive carports offer top-notch coverage and convenience, keeping your prized possessions safe from the weather.

Learn more about triple carports.



Carport Designs and Styles

Flat Roof Carports

Flat roof carports are the way to go if you're into a contemporary look that fits any property style. They're minimalist, visually appealing, and practical, giving your vehicle effective protection against the elements.


Skillion Roof Carports

Skillion Carport

If you're tight on space but still want solid coverage, skillion roof carports are your best bet. Their unique roof angle is great for water runoff, saving your carport from potential water damage. Plus, they bring a modern edge to your property.


Gable Roof Carports

Gable Roof Carports

For those who are all about the traditional look, a gable carport is perfect. With their classic peaked roof design, they enhance ventilation and add aesthetic appeal. Plus, you can customise gable carports to match your home's existing roofing, creating a cohesive look across your property. We suggest adding roller doors for convenience.

Get a Quote for Your New Carport in Hobart

Your outdoor living space deserves a little something extra. And what's better than a top-quality carport from Fair Dinkum Builds? It's an upgrade that's all about practicality and style. No more leaving your vehicle to the mercy of the weather. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Get in touch with us today for an obligation-free quote. Let's get your new carport in Hobart up and running.


Frequently asked questions

How much do carports cost in Hobart?

Carport prices in Hobart can fluctuate based on various factors such as size, design, and material types. For a precise estimate that suits your specific requirements, we suggest reaching out to us directly.

Do I need council approval to build a carport in Hobart?

In most parts of Tasmania, you don't need a permit or building approval to construct a carport. However, certain areas might need planning approval, especially for steel buildings.

For non-prefabricated sheds up to 18m², no building permit is needed.

As for prefabricated sheds, you can erect one up to 36m² without a building permit. When it's complete, you'll need to notify the council using Form 80 Notification of Low-Risk Work. You can find this form on the CBOS website: www.cbos.tas.gov.au.