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7 Modern Carport Designs

19 April 2023


Looking to build a new carport or update an existing shelter? Choosing a modern design will allow you to achieve a contemporary new look for your property, using the latest techniques and quality materials. With a range of new products and modern innovations, updating your carport has the potential to greatly complement your lifestyle, while increasing the value of your home. From harsh weather protection to sophisticated modern design options, you’ll discover the endless possibilities for building a fresh design. Offering a variety of different sizes and customisable features, these modern carports are engineered to withstand harsh Aussie climates, made from high-quality steel roll-formed here in Australia.

Whether you're in need of additional parking spaces or a chic area for your next function, we've got you covered with our list of the top choices for modern carport designs in Australia.

Flat Roof Carport

The Flat Roof Carport is the ideal budget solution if you're searching for an easy-to-maintain, simplistic style that can save you money. As one of the most cost-effective options on the market, its sleek lines and understated design allow you to build an additional space for your vehicles, while not subtracting any aesthetic attention from your home.

Offering the complete package, professionals will also appreciate the ease of access that comes with this classic design, as the roof offers enhanced stability and an easy-to-maintain surface area when compared to other sloped options.

Built using economical materials and high-quality steel, flat roof carports also incorporate various customisable elements, including options to select the colour and size, to achieve a modern design that complements your living area.

Hip Roof Carport

The modern, symmetrical design of the Hip Roof Carport creates a truly aesthetic style. The classic shape of this roof style aligns with the professional styling of many new and renovated homes to create a seamless finish.

If you're searching for stability, you've come to the right place. These self-bracing carport designs are built using high quality steel and are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing few areas for wind resistance. The minimalistic design is perfect for homeowners who are looking to increase their undercover capacity, while maintaining an open plan environment.

Dutch Gable Carport

The Dutch Gable Carport has risen to be one of the most popular carport designs, favoured by homeowners Australia-wide. Available in a vast range of colour options, this style complements modern homes with a pitched roof, by creating similar structural angles, allowing for a seamless transition from house to carport.

There's more than meets the eye with this innovative design, with aesthetic features also providing unbeatable structural benefits, to create a heavy-duty, weather protected solution. The decorative gable that sits atop the roof of this carport design works to enhance the overall structural capabilities, by directing rain down the drip edge.

Whether you're looking to securely store your vintage classic or simply keep your vehicle’s interior cool on those hot summer days, the Dutch Gable offers protection from rain and snow, plus increased comfort with a larger shaded area.

Did we mention that the Dutch Gable is also a carport to be fully tailored to your needs? In addition to the modern features listed above, this carport design also offers the freedom to tailor the exact look you're searching for, with the option to adjust the height, length, colours and span.

For both a cost-effective and sophisticated design, look no further than the contemporary styling of the Dutch Gable.

Skillion Roof Carport

Through past years, the Skillion Roof Carport has been featured most commonly on homes in heritage areas, correlating with older or more traditional-looking houses. Recent surges in renovations of heritage-style homes, however, have led to this classic style now appealing to a wider, more modern market.

Featuring a flat roof, this simplistic design will suit both small and large houses. Additionally, the Skillion Carport is ideal for extending the area of a garage or shed, as a leading feature to the existing structure. By making use of a single plane the Skillion Roof is ultra-convenient and very easy to assemble. This style of carport boasts a sturdy design and clean lines, which accommodate the installation of solar panels, topped off by the added bonus of an easy installation process.

Gable Carport

If you're looking for a modernised carport that will truly complement your home, look no further than the Gable. These carport designs offer customisation options, including our range of COLORBOND® steel colours.

This highly versatile carport continues to take customising your home to the next level. With the capability to elect the pitch and slope of the steel roofing, you are able to seamlessly integrate this innovative carport with your existing garage and home.

The Gable Carport also helps to make life a little easier when it comes to surviving the ever-changing Australian climate. Providing extra height and a wider span, when compared to flat structures, these carports offer greater ventilation, keeping you cooler in the warmer months. The Gable has also been designed to withstand heavy rain and snowfall, efficiently dispersing water to limit damage to the roof.

Large Open Gable Carport

In addition to the features outlined above for Gable Carport Designs, it is worth noting that the versatility of these custom carports has led to them becoming more popular in the market, as multipurpose areas for the home.

The open layout of this carport allows for an easy transition between vehicle storage and the outdoor function area, allowing you to make the most of those perfect summer days. While the carport is often seen as an addition to an existing garage, freestanding styles can offer a uniquely modern solution for increasing the usable outdoor area on your property.

This carport style is also a popular choice as storage for higher vehicles, such as caravans or camper vans, as the open gable offers a great central height clearance.

Customise Your Own Modern Carport Design

Customisation is a great way to make a classic carport design your own. The great news is most modern carport designs are created with customisation in mind.

With a full range of COLORBOND® steel colours to choose from and the ability to choose the length, height and span of your carport, it's never been easier to find the perfect match for your home. As noted above, there are many factors that contribute to the customisable capabilities of your new carport, including your choice of the final design. While we often think of adjusting the size, when contemplating custom features, there are numerous other adaptations that can be made, which will allow those confined by size restrictions to achieve a modern new look. Advancements in paint technology have created a new generation of finishing options, including the chic matt finish, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst new homeowners and renovators looking for that modern touch.

Many of the modern designs listed above are available in single, double or triple size, allowing you to achieve the ideal proportions for your property. Whether you're accommodating the vehicles for a large family, looking to create a multipurpose outdoor living area or simply want to optimise your space, look no further than these modern custom designs.

With everything from Flat to Gable roofing, your new carport is sure to provide the ideal solution for modernising your home.


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