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Dairy Sheds

1 March 2021


Dairy sheds

Looking to increase your milk production with a new dairy shed? Working on a farm, you'll understand exactly how crucial dairy sheds are in boosting your bottom line.

While your cattle definitely do most of the work, without an efficient dairy shed, they could be exposed to too much heat and end up producing less milk. 

But before you commit to constructing a new shed, it's best to understand the return you can expect from an investment. Let's take a look at the benefits of dairy farm sheds.

Benefits of Dairy Sheds

Healthier cows

You know how a healthy and comfortable environment helps promote better health for humans? The same rings true for cows. Heat stress can affect your livestock and how much milk they produce.

During hot days, inadequate ventilation can pose a significant risk to cows and can even lead to a range of conditions like pneumonia, mastitis, and digital dermatitis.

The air inlets usually found in a well-built dairy farm shed help maximise airflow to provide a comfortable thermal environment for your cattle without you needing to intervene.

Increased milk production

As mentioned before, heat stress can be a major factor in how much dairy your cattle produce. Without a dairy farm shed for heat control, your cattle may show a reduction in feed intake and milk yield, reducing their milk production efficiency.

With a dairy shed in place, your cows are properly ventilated and don't suffer from huge metabolic strain, so they feed more, which in turn also increases milk production.

Better care and supervision of cows

If efficient dairy management is what you're looking for, then it's worth making an investment in your dairy sheds.

With a good shed design, your cows will be supervised and cared for. It allows you to easily monitor how they are fed and milked each time and will ensure you stay one step ahead in the dairy industry.


The look of your dairy sheds can make all the difference. Luckily, you can customise the buildings from colour to layout, to your liking.

Consider designing your dairy sheds with large doors to provide wide and easy access to your tools. You can also choose the materials for the buildings, depending on your needs.

Our range of colours and finish options includes not only all 22 COLORBOND® steel classic and contemporary colours, but premium finishes to add extra corrosion resistance to your shed.

Dairy Shed Inspiration and Designs

Dairy Sheds FAQs

Q: What wind rating is my shed?

All buildings are supplied in accordance with the AS4055 for your area. Fair Dinkum Builds can supply engineered ShedSafe™ accredited sheds to suit all areas of Australia. 

Q: Are you ShedSafe accredited?

A: Yes! As one Australia’s leading suppliers of residential garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial and commercial buildings, we are ShedSafe accredited. As a part of the Stramit family, we’re also a sustaining member of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), the peak industry body in Australia representing the steel supply chain.  

ShedSafe™ accreditation means that companies like Fair Dinkum Builds have been independently audited to ensure that all guidelines set by the Building Code of Australia are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage.

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