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Drive-thru garages: Design & Benefits

1 March 2021


One of the best things about building a standalone steel garage on your property is being able to fully customise it to your needs. One design option you may not have even considered is a drive-thru feature – adding an extra roller door to the rear of your garage to maintain access to the back of your property.

A drive-thru garage has overhead doors in both the front and back. While it might seem retro to some, it's actually an extremely practical option.

Benefits of Drive-Thru Models

Storage space

A garage can be a perfect place to store your backyard equipment and, of course, your vehicle! Whether you've got a car, speed boat, or any other modes of transport, this model provides some innovative ideas to maximise room around your property.

Your front and back garage doors will let you easily access both sides of your garage without having to shuffle things around. 

Added secure parking

The drive-thru garage model can be positioned to not just add a single extra parking option, but to let you park additional vehicles securely behind your garage.

If you’ve got extra space in the back, you could save on costs by parking your less-frequently used vehicles in carports, and essentially securing the entrance with a drive-thru garage.

You can add remote openers and even automated smart home systems for complete ease of access.


One key benefit of a drive-through garage is the ventilation that a front/rear model will offer. While single-door models have large doors anyway, these structures ventilate the area much slower – as they don't allow air to pass through.

The double-door structure of drive-thru models means that you get ultimate cross-ventilation – so your garage isn't just a place to store your trailer, but it can be a valuable and viable workplace on the side. It’s also perfect for jobs like car-washing or vehicle maintenance.

Ease of access

This design option is fantastic if you park trailers in your garage – especially bulkier ones like boat trailers. If you’re not a fan of reversing your trailer (let’s face it, who is?) you can take that need right out with the additional door – just drive through, unhook the trailer and lock it up.

This is also perfect for farms or larger properties!

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Drive-Thru Garage Inspiration and Designs

Drive Through Garage FAQs

Q: How much space do I need in front of my garage?

A: It’s best to check this against your local requirements. Your local Fair Dinkum Builds experts can help ensure your design meets any council or other regulations.  

Q: What is a good size for a garage?

A: It depends what you want to store in it! We offer single, double, triple garages – and more. You can also adjust the depth as well as the width – so you can make something that fits both your storage needs and the size/shape of your property.  

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