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Dutch Gable Carports: Designs & Inspiration

8 March 2021


Dutch gable carports

Looking for the perfect carport to match your modern house design? Dutch gable carports are cost-effective, classy carports perfectly suited to contemporary homes. If you're looking for a carport that both protects your car and gives your property a sophisticated look, this one's for you.

Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll love the Dutch gable roof carport. Let's look at some of its benefits...

Benefits of Dutch gable carports

Weather protection

For maximum protection for your car, the Dutch gable carport makes an excellent choice. This carport’s design incorporates eaves on all sides, protecting your vehicle from rain and snow. This also provides extra shade, helping keep your car's interior cool even in hot weather.

Heavy duty

Ever wondered what the gable on top of a Dutch gable roof is for? If you're thinking it's nothing more than a decorative touch, think again. The standalone gable on these roofs helps disperse rain. This feature directs water down the drip edge, keeping the roof dry and less likely to be damaged. That little gable also creates extra ventilation for your carport – so it’s much more than just a decoration!

Customise it

Our Dutch gable roofs often feature a 22-degree pitch, matching most homes perfectly. But not only that – you can customise this carport to your taste and needs. Choose the height, length, colour, span (and more!) of your carport to suit you. Just tell us what you want your carport to look like and we’ll bring it to life with our state-of-the-art software.

Read more about our most popular size options including single, double and triple carports

Professional finish

When you say you want the best carport, you don't only mean one that's durable but also looks great. So, if you want the best, look no further. These high-quality carports are available in our range of COLORBOND® steel colours and finishes – so you can pick the perfect colour combo to keep your neighbours jealous for years to come.

Add property value

You don't want to invest in a carport that doesn't add any value to your property. One reason a Dutch gable carport is a great choice is that it makes your property stand out. The triangular portion at the peak of its roof turns the structure into a style icon, dripping with sophistication. When it's time to sell your home, you may find buyers can't look past the beauty of this carport!


Dutch Gable Carports FAQs

Q: Can I put a roller door on my carport?

A: Yes, you can add a roller door to your carport increase the safety on your property. Property owners often choose to incorporate this with an existing fence line to enclose their perimeter, or just to get the right look.

Q: Can I put a carport in front of my house?

A: Typically, you can't construct a carport in any easement on your property or within a few feet of the property lines. But check this one for your local area, as rules vary between states and councils. Your local Fair Dinkum Builds team can help with this!

Q: Does my building require maintenance?

A: To maintain your warranty, basic care and maintenance is required. ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel is designed for Australian conditions and requires some low-involvement maintenance to keep it looking its best. Details on the standard COLORBOND® steel warranty can be found here.

Q: Are you ShedSafe accredited?

A: Fair Dinkum Builds, one Australia’s leading distributors of residential garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial and commercial buildings, is leading the industry to be one of the first businesses to receive The Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) new industry benchmark for steel sheds – ShedSafe. ShedSafe accreditation means that companies such as Fair Dinkum Builds have been independently audited to ensure that all standards are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage.

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Ready for your new designer carport? At Fair Dinkum Builds, we supply Dutch gable carports that are sophisticated and safe, and are likely to outlast the vehicles you keep underneath them. Whatever you need, we’ll give you the carport that suits your budget and design requirements. Call us today for a quote.