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Fair Dinkum Builds and the Australian Men's Shed Association Join Forces

30 November 2021


Fair Dinkum Builds (FDB) has signed a new two-year partnership agreement with the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) to help build and strengthen Australia's shedding community and its vital services to improve mental health across Australia.

"We've been proudly supporting the Australian Men's Shed Association since 2007 because we know a shed is more than just a shed. It's a space filled with exciting activity, moments of connection and camaraderie between local shedders," said Richard Gray, FDB National Business Manager.

"For Fair Dinkum Builds, this partnership was a natural fit. We're both in the business of supporting locals and adding true value to people's lives", continued Mr Gray.

Announced during Men's Shed Week, AMSA Executive Officer David Helmers said, "This major partnership is the first of its kind for AMSA. It celebrates a long history of collaborative efforts supporting the Australian Men's Shed movement for our two organisations."

Comprised of over 1200 Men's Women's and Community Shed's, Men's Shed organisations nationwide are set to benefit from the partnership, which aims to drive awareness and sustainable growth of the AMSA through its community initiatives that foster positive wellbeing and support. 

Fair Dinkum Builds are significant sponsors for the annual Men's Shed Awards, the AMSA's National Conference, and other initiatives, including the Men's Shed 'For Keeps' tour launching later in the year. 

Together, Fair Dinkum Builds and the AMSA aim to build upon their humble beginning and grassroots focus to help strengthen Australian communities from the ground up.

Visit our about us page to find out more about The Australian Men's Shed Association.