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FDB launches customer portal with real-time order delivery updates

8 November 2021


Fair Dinkum Builds, in conjunction with parent company Stramit, recently launched a new Customer Order Tracking Portal to market. This game-changing digital platform provides customers with real-time order updates via any desktop or mobile device.

It comes at a critical time for the shed industry as FDB continues to find ways to work through the major raw materials shortage causing ongoing supply and delivery issues across the industry.

Thanks to the new portal, Fair Dinkum Builds customers can now access real-time delivery information, including order stage progression, estimated time of delivery, and download proof of delivery and order confirmation documents.

Tim Broxham, Stramit’s Executive General Manager, said the Stramit Customer Portal launched at a perfect time in the building sector.

“Our whole industry is facing major supply chain issues in recent times, off the back of global raw material shortages, and we know it’s affecting our customers – but no matter what’s happening externally, one thing we can always do is be more transparent,” he said.

“This new Customer Portal is a critical tool – it’s not good enough these days to expect customers to ring and wait on hold, and we know that.”

“One of our key company values is to be customer leading, and this new portal is a perfect example of the work we’ve got happening behind the scenes to achieve just that,” he said.

Daniel Silvestro, Stramit’s National Process Transformation Manager, said the platform was just the beginning of Stramit and Fair Dinkum Builds’ digital and customer service innovations.

“We’ve got this easy-to-use platform set up now, and we’ll keep building on this based on feedback from our customers,” he said.

“Accessible delivery info was a real pain point, so our number one priority was to put that info straight into customers’ hands – but it’s only up from here.”

The web-based platform provides Fair Dinkum Builds with easy access to order information, allowing FDB to keep its customers and build partners informed every step of the way.

For more information about the customer portal contact an FDB territory manager by filling out the 'Contact Us' form via this link.