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Flat Roof Carports: Designs & Inspiration

28 October 2021


Planning to set up a carport but not sure which design to choose? Out of all the options you have, flat roof carports are the most popular – they’re simple, yet functional. If you're after affordability and ease of installation, this carport is the way to go.

Let's take a closer look at its benefits and see if it's the one for you...

Benefits of Flat Roof Carports

Easy on the pocket

From the building and installation costs to the cost of materials used, a flat roof carport is relatively cheaper than other carports. Simple design and economical materials also make its maintenance and upkeep affordable. Labour may also work out cheaper because installation is fast, easy, and typically poses less risk than more complex builds.

Easy to install

We often get asked about the different range and styles of roof, and a flat roof design is one of our most popular options because aside from being low-maintenance, it’s also easier to install. You can erect one wherever you like, as long as there’s enough space. You can attach it to your house, or build it as a freestanding unit, depending on the size of carport you require.


Our flat roof carports come in different sizes and colours so you can coordinate its size and look with your garden or home. Whether you choose to have it installed in your backyard or your front outdoor area, your flat roof carport will effortlessly blend in. 

Read more about our most popular size options including single, double and triple carports

Adds value to your home

Your carport should not only protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, and other harmful elements, but should also help enhance the exterior view of your home. The architectural appeal of flat roof carports may help add value to your property.

Easy to maintain

A flat roof carport is easy to maintain, with its slightly angled roof pitch allowing leaves and other debris to roll off and not build up on the surface. This carport is so simple that cleaning your gutter once in a while and repainting it when necessary is just about everything you need to do to maintain it. Be sure to check any relevant materials warranties for your product for information on minimum maintenance requirements.

More accessible

You'll also find that flat roof carports are more stable and much easier to access than more sloped carports. Since they’re flat, they’re easier to climb on during an inspection, although care, caution and all required safety precautions must still be taken.

Inspiration and Different Designs


Flat Roof Carport FAQs

Q: How high should my flat roof carport be?

A: It depends. The height of your carport is usually equal to the lowest point near the sides of your carport, while the clearance for your car is typically the height of the side legs. If you require a specific clearance for your car, boat, or whatever you plan to store under your carport, definitely confirm that before deciding on its height.

Q: How do I prepare my site for carport installation?

A: To get your location ready before the installers arrive, make sure the surface is flat and accessible with all building permits.

Q: How will my flat roof carport be reinforced?

A: Your flat roof carport typically won’t need additional reinforcement outside of the standard frame, keeping it visually clean and open. However, if you have a design idea that is a little more out of the box, your local Fair Dinkum Builds team can offer additional advice.

Q: How much weight can a carport hold?

A: All Fair Dinkum Builds structures are designed to meet all relevant local regulations, such as wind loads or rainwater capacity, however, the actual load your carport can hold will come down to your design.

Q: Will I need a building permit/planning approval?

A: You may require a building permit to build a flat roof carport, depending on the regulations of your state and/or local council. There may also be other considerations in your area that you may need to consider, such as how close to the road you’re planning to build, whether you have heritage structures on your site,  the floor area or height of the proposed carport and more – these can vary greatly from state to state. Your local Fair Dinkum Builds expert can help with advice for your area.

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