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Flyover Patios: Designs & Inspiration

1 December 2020


Thinking of adding a patio to your home? Flyover patios are a patio design that has seen a rapid growth in popularity in recent years – and if you’re looking for a stylish option which lightens up your outdoor living area, this could be for you.

But with so many options, let’s take a closer look at the flyover patio to see if it’s really what you’re after…

Benefits of a Flyover Patio

Spacious Entertainment Area

Flyover patios are built higher – creating an extra 700mm of additional height that open up the space and give a real outdoor feel, making it the perfect environment to entertain in.

Create amazing memories to last a lifetime under your flyover patio. Christmas lunches, drinks with mates – made all the more memorable in the right setting.

Perfect for a hot summers day

Summers all over Australia can get very hot, and it can get uncomfortable very quickly without airflow to cool things down. Flyover roofs are specifically designed to help with just that – the increased height allows for greater ventilation, preventing hot air from being trapped, keeping the area cooler, and your guests more comfortable!

Lighten up your outdoor living area

The height and design of a flyover patio encourages more light into your outdoor space – making it the perfect option if you want to maximise daytime light.

Stunning curb Appeal

If you’re looking for a style that enhances the look of your home, look no further. Besides its many functional benefits, a flyover patio delivers stunning curb appeal. When professionally designed, constructed, and installed, your flyover patio enhances your home with exceptional architectural details, making your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood.


Flyover Patio Styles

Post and Beams vs Attached

You can get flyover patio roofs that are supported by posts or beams. Depending on your design choices, the support beams can be made of metal or wood. A floating roof is a popular choice with many homeowners. These flyover patio roofs are attached to houses or other structures with brackets.

Over a Deck or Porch

Flyover designs aren’t strictly for concrete patios. You can install one over a deck for an upscale look. Some homeowners create wrap-around porch floors and cover them with flyover roofing.

Covering a Pool

Splashing around in the pool becomes more enjoyable and more frequent when your pool is covered by a flyover roof.

Off the Garage

Converted your garage into a man cave? Why not extend your square footage to accommodate a new barbecue station by adding a flyover patio?

Flyover Patio Inspiration



Flyover Patio FAQs


Q: What Flyover Patio Roof Designs Are Available?

A: Every home and homeowner is different. Fortunately, there’s a flyover patio design to fit each one. Whether you imagined a sophisticated pergola-style flyover patio roof with wooden beams or an attached minimalist design that seems to float over your patio, we have you covered.

Q: How Does a Flyover Patio Stand Up to Strong Australian Winds?

A: We design and construct our flyover patios to exacting engineering standards that allow them to withstand all types of weather conditions. Our professional installers ensure that your premium flyover patio system stays in place, works properly, and remains durable.

Q: Do I Need Approval From My Local Council to Install a Flyover Patio?

A: Depending on your local council rules, you will likely need permission to install a flyover patio. We can help with that.


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When choosing a flyover patio for your property, you’ll find that you’re spoilt for choice in our region. Fair Dinkum Builds uses state-of-the-art design tools, quality engineering protocols, and premium materials to earn your business. Ready to transform your yard into an inviting outdoor oasis? Contact us now for a quote.