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Gable Carports

1 March 2021


Looking to build a new carport to shelter your car? If you're wondering how to pick a design of your carport's roof, then look no further – a gable carport is one of your best options.

Here, we’ll take a look at look at its functions and aesthetics to see if it's the perfect carport roof match for you. 

Benefits of a Gable Carport

Highly adjustable

If you want a carport you can easily adjust to match your needs, you'll never go wrong with a gable roof. With this option, you have the freedom to change the pitch and slope of your steel roofing as you desire. By adjusting the dimensions of your carport and the degree at which it sits, you can create a carport that perfectly complements your requirements and style. 

More spacious

Have more than one vehicle to park? All the more reason you should pick a gable carport. This type of carport is characterised by its two sloping sides that meet at the top, forming a ridge. Its design allows for a wider span than flat or skillion carport roofs, perfect for if you’ve got more than one vehicle to park. You also get added clearance in the centre of the roof area, for extra headroom or storage capacity.


Too busy to clean your carport's roof? No problem. Unlike a flat roof carport, a gable roof carport more easily sheds water, snow and debris, making it an excellent choice if you're living in an area with heavier rain or snowfall. Since the roof of this carport has a steep pitch, water, snow, and other elements drain more easily and are less likely to pool on the surface. This carport is not only easy on the eyes but also provides a good level of protection. We definitely still recommend keeping up with regular basic care and maintenance though – this can be important for both safety and to maintain product warranties that may apply.


We understand that you want more than functionality from a carport, but one that is appealing as well. Gable carports are available with a range of design options, including our full range of COLORBOND® steel colours – so you can perfectly complement your home, or make your carport stand out. You can also play with other design elements, such as open or decorative gables. Since you can tailor your carport based on your needs, you can make sure your new structure perfectly complements your home. 

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Gable Roof Carports Inspiration and Designs

Gable Roof Carports FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of a gable roof? 

A: This roof easily sheds water and snow, making them great for snowy areas. The pitch of gable roofs allows for good water drainage. They also provide good ventilation, extra clearance height and wider roof spans than a flat carport roof.

Q: Are gable roofs expensive?

A: Gable roofs are one of our most popular roof styles, for a good reason. The cost of your carport will come down to a number of individual factors, but typically a gable roof will set you back more than a flat roof, simply due to the added design complexity. Having said that, they come with a lot of benefits, and are still a fantastic economical choice for most homeowners. 

Q: What wind rating is my shed?

A: All buildings are supplied in accordance with the AS4055 for your area. Fair Dinkum Builds supplies engineered ‘ShedSafe™’ accredited sheds to suit all areas of Australia. Your shed will not only be designed to suit your wind region but will be engineered specifically for your site.

Q: Does my building require maintenance?

A: To maintain your materials warranty, basic care and maintenance is required. ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel is designed for Australian conditions and requires an occasional wash with fresh water to keep it looking its best. For more information, visit our COLORBOND® steel page or talk to your local Fair Dinkum expert.

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Ready to have a carport that makes your property stand out? Whether you want to give your carport a more structured and sophisticated look or simply want the benefit of space, a gable roof carport is a great bet. At Fair Dinkum Builds, we customise carports to suit your budget and design requirements. Our gable carports are made from durable materials and are designed to suit Australian weather conditions. Call us today for a free quote!