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Mezzanine Floors and Raised Storage Areas

1 March 2021


If you've got a lot of junk in your trunk, and you're struggling to find where to put it, we feel you.

Whether a heavy-duty storage facility, work area, or just at-home storage, it can be difficult to find all that you need in one storage solution – especially one that suits Australian standards.

Well, worry no more - Fair Dinkum Builds is here to help with our ideas to fit out your new shed with mezzanine floors and raised storage areas!

If you or your business has a significant amount of storage areas, you could benefit from structural mezzanine floors, or raised storage areas. These structures are a wonderful option to build not just outwards, but upwards- adding an extra floor area to otherwise unused space.

Read on to see how you could get one of the most cost-effective storage solutions around!

What is a mezzanine floor?

One of the first questions you'll want to ask before even thinking about mezzanine solutions – is just what is a mezzanine floor?

Well, in layman's terms it is a middle floor area built between either the two main floors or between a floor and roof of a building.

These floors are designed to cover a specific area, providing effective multi-tier storage solutions that don't extend across the whole floor space.

Where will I find a mezzanine floor?

You can commonly find these storage solutions in any heavy-duty business storage areas. This includes a warehouse, shed, or any other storage facility.

Mezzanine floors offer custom-built storage solutions in any storage space - whether a warehouse or general-purpose building - and can be manufactured from detailed plans requested by the client.

Most mezzanine floor builders use steel for their constructions which can be altered to suit their desired business needs, whilst always complying with safety standards.

What are mezzanine floors used for?

A mezzanine, or indeed any type of raised storage areas, can be used for different things.

These storage solutions may provide:

  • A new office space
  • Increased stock storage and shelving systems
  • Constructing new production lines
  • Increasing visitor seating areas


The key point of these multi-tier storage floors is that they're designed for adaptable businesses that expand all the time. These businesses will require raised storage areas, often in a manufacturing or distribution centre, to keep up with increasing demand.

Here at Fair Dinkum Builds, we can design the raised storage areas of your dreams! Our trusted service, provided by our team of friendly professionals, provides an easy storage solution to any workspace area.


The benefits of mezzanine floor systems and raised storage areas

Raised storage areas provide a multiplicity of benefits for any business; as one of the most budget-friendly storage solutions around, you're bound to find something you need to adapt your storage areas to new heights – literally!


Most importantly, these raised storage areas are a brilliant way to increase your storage space at a low price.

This is because their adaptability allows you to expand your business without a pricey relocation, making it perfect for growing and established businesses.

Besides being handy for a manufacturing or distribution centre, these cost-effective raised storage areas may also result in an increased return of investments.

Think about it – it's common sense. More storage space, faster turnover of products, more materials available for storage. You're onto a winner!


This may seem a little obvious, but it can't be stressed enough. Any business needs adequate space in order to run a cost-effective operation. Adding a raised storage area to your warehouse can provide this.

If you build upwards in the warehouse with a raised storage area or mezzanine floor space, you can expand the premises and therefore give yourself much more space to produce and store goods.

It's a vital way of increasing the storage capacity of any warehouse floor area, thereby increasing productivity, load capacity, and much more – without even having to change location!


Another key benefit is that a raised storage area is completely customisable!

This gives you both practical storage flexibility, and the creativity to revamp your warehouse floor space to a chosen design. You usually wouldn't get this with a more permanent fixture, so opting for a raised storage area will give you plenty of choices.

Every design is suited to your needs - and at Fair Dinkum Builds, we promise to work closely with you to make your new shed, warehouse, or building with its mezzanines and raised storage spaces the best they can be.


Find mezzanine floor and raised storage area specialists today!

For the perfect new shed complete with mezzanine floor, contact us here at Fair Dinkum Builds. You can call us or drop us a line through our website.

If you're looking to increase the quality, productivity, and of course the income of your companies, mezzanine floor construction is just what you need. It'll take you to another level.



Do mezzanine floors need planning permission?

You may not require planning permission for your mezzanine floor specifically as it’s an internal component of the building, but your complete build will be subject to different regulations depending on your design, location, building type and more. There may be different requirements in your region in order to have a mezzanine floor installed, but your local Fair Dinkum Builds expert can walk you through this.

What is the standard height of a mezzanine floor?

When thinking about a mezzanine storage solution, you want practicality.

These structures are not decorative pieces – and they should be designed as solutions that keep the user in mind.

While there's no maximum or minimum height of these raised storage solutions, and therefore no real way to give a standard height, you need to think about the space you're designing for and how a mezzanine floor will enhance it.

Things to watch out for:

If your mezzanine floor is too low, it will lose the ability to create adequate space underneath. Equally, if it's too high or close to your ceiling, it's not going to be practical for your workers.