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Open Front, Open Bay Sheds

1 March 2021


Open front, open bay sheds

You know how the old saying goes – "a farmer has to work until the job is done".

But, how can you do this when you don't have a farm shed that lets you access your equipment, hay, and machines quickly and easily? 

With an open front farm shed from Fair Dinkum, you don't just get easy access to your gear, you also get the peace of mind that there's always some extra room. You can fit practically everything in this shed, and even customise it to your specific design criteria!

Want more information on open front farm sheds or open bay sheds? We've got everything you need here!


Benefits of open front farm sheds

Hay storage

Want a farm shed that offers the best protection possible for your hay, but also keeps it well ventilated?

An open front shed is one of your best options! Open front farm sheds and open bays are great for storing hay and protecting it from all the elements that may damage it, whilst also providing ventilation to control and prevent moisture.

Not only that, open front farm sheds offer easy access for when you need to move around large amounts of hay to and from your shed. 


Machinery storage

Not only does an open front farm shed protects your hay from the elements, it's also an ideal storage space for large machinery.

With a shed like this in place, you have dedicated space that's both protective and provides access when you need it. That's why one of your best options is an open front shed.


Feeding animals

Did you know that open front farm sheds are not only meant to be used to store hay or farming equipment, but for livestock feed, too?

Open front sheds and open bay farm sheds are fantastic buildings for storing livestock feed.

If you need a structure that can serve as a temporary livestock shelter, then an open front farm shed will do the trick. A farm shed is durable enough to keep your produce and livestock dry and safe, no matter the weather. And since it has open bays, access and ventilation shouldn't be a problem. 



Want to extend your shed by adding extra bays, or utilise it in a different way? That's not a problem. You can use your open bay or open front farm shed however you want!

An open front farm shed is so versatile that you can easily extend it when you need more space for other functions.

Whether you want to add a mezzanine level to keep your harvest off the ground, turn its front area into an allocated parking space for your staff, or add internal walls to set up a workshop inside, it's all up to you!

Whatever your vision, we'll turn your shed into the multi-purpose building that you want. 


Custom design

Want to decide on the size, height, length, and colours of your open front farm shed? We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your farming needs. That's why we custom design all our open front sheds. From different bay sizes to roller doors, we can do it all!


Open front sheds FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a shed and a barn?

A: Really, at least as far as our steel buildings go, they’re both types of sheds. Barns are built in specific styles – like American or Quaker barns. These are sheds with specific combinations of roof styles and pitches to create iconic looks, but at the end of the day, your Fair Dinkum Builds shed can be whatever you want it to be.

Q: What wind rating is my shed?

A: All our farm buildings are supplied in accordance with the AS4055 for your area. Fair Dinkum Builds supplies fully site-specific engineered ‘ShedSafe™’ accredited farm sheds to suit any area of Australia.

Q: Does my building require maintenance?

A: To maintain your materials warranty, basic care and maintenance is required. ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel is designed for Australian conditions and requires an occasional wash with fresh water to keep it looking its best. Learn more about Bluescope product care and maintenance or our warranties.

Q: Are you ShedSafe accredited?

A: As one of Australia’s leading distributors of residential garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial and commercial buildings, we are leading the industry as one of the first businesses to receive the Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) new industry benchmark for steel farm sheds – ShedSafe™. 

ShedSafe™ accreditation means we've been independently audited to ensure that all guidelines set by the National Construction Code (NCC) are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage.


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At Fair Dinkum Builds, our team are here to help. We can fully customise your open front farm shed with a range of options that fit any specific requirements. Made from BlueScope Steel, our open front farm sheds and open bay sheds are durable enough to stand the test of time.

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