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Outdoor Storage Shed Ideas

5 May 2023


Complementing our vast open spaces, active lifestyles and love of the outdoors, the great Aussie shed is truly a national icon. Outdoor storage sheds can be tailored to your specific needs, with most designs offering a range of sizes, colours and additional special features.

Skillion Roof Shed with lean-to

Outdoor sheds have the power to transform homes, by decluttering the interior and creating an additional living area. As the perfect place to store garden tools or explore a new hobby, the ideas for your new shed are limitless.

Whether you're searching for the answer to your storage problems or simply looking to be inspired, we've got you covered with these great outdoor storage solutions.

Why sheds are excellent for storage

One of the greatest features of a shed is its highly versatile nature. Shed designs are forever evolving, with new innovative and sustainable solutions being imagined every year. When you choose to build using the highest quality materials, you choose a shed that will stand the test of time.

Sheds offer the ideal storage solution for family homes, allowing you to make the most of your indoor living space. Most Aussies love outdoor activities, but sporting and garden equipment is sizeable and can easily become all-consuming when stored in the home. Additionally, sheds can also create a new area to explore recreational activities, such as an art studio or home gym.

Large Shed with 4 Roller Doors

A shed can also provide an additional level of security when it comes to protecting your belongings. We recommend Taurean Door Systems roller doors for security combined with easy access. Put your mind at ease, as you keep outdoor equipment and tools safe with a secure new storage space.

What you can store in a shed

When we think of a shed, our first thought is often that of a simple garden shed. The need for increased storage capacity spans far greater than this first thought, however, with uses across residential, rural, commercial and industrial properties.

Multipurpose sheds are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners, as we work to accommodate our changing lifestyles, with many people now working from home. Garden sheds may now also combine with garage storage, as a means to eliminate wasted space, while creating a secure solution for vehicles and gardening equipment.

Multipurpose Storage Shed with mezzanine floor and internal stairs

If you plan on storing a variety of items in your shed, including food, photographs, vinyl records, alcohol, artwork, important documents, and clothing/bedding, it's important to consider insulation. By installing insulation, you can prevent your food from spoiling in high temperatures and protect your paper documents from humidity damage. Additionally, insulation can help regulate temperature and moisture levels, which can be crucial for preserving delicate items like artwork and vinyl records. So, if you want to ensure that your shed is a safe and secure storage space for all of your possessions, installing insulation is definitely a good idea.

Multipurpose Storage Shed with two roller doors and a personal access door

Now that we know all about the appropriate storage solutions for various types of items, let's now delve into the storage of more specialised items that can be safely kept in your shed. In most cases, it is safe for petrol and propane tanks to call a shed home. Unlike other liquids, petrol has a very low freezing point, meaning it won't be compromised by cold weather. High-quality garden sheds offer easy access to outdoor items and are the perfect place to store related items. Most gardening equipment is already manufactured to withstand humidity, moisture and heat, so their durable nature makes them great for shed storage. The shed is also the ideal space for large items, such as outdoor furniture, recreational equipment and seasonal décor.

Building the right shed for your storage needs

Outdoor structures often feel the full force of harsh weather conditions, so it's crucial that you design a shed that meets both your personal needs and safety requirements.

Materials and size

While there are various materials that may be used in the construction of a new shed, high-quality steel built atop a concrete slab is often the most sustainable choice. A steel shed offers additional security for your belongings, as it provides increased weather protection. When working with steel, the exterior can be designed to match existing structures, with COLORBOND® steel colours that can be chosen to fit in seamlessly with almost any surrounding.

Temperature and humidity

Innovative designs have greatly increased the usability of sheds across all seasons, however there are still some factors you should consider when thinking about temperature and humidity. In Australia, the primary concern is high temperatures. Heat can easily cause damage to pliable items, from melting candles out of shape to warping expensive items to the point they are no longer usable.

Humid conditions may also cause moisture and condensation to pool, which can warp your belongings or cause hazardous mould and mildew to form. When building your shed always ensure that your chosen design is properly ventilated.


Natural light provides a great way to cut the cost of electricity and can assist as a deterrent for mould and mildew. If you're planning to use your shed after dark or simply have little exposure to natural light, discuss the installation of lighting fixtures with a local Fair Dinkum Builder expert.

  1. In these changing times, our lifestyle habits have drastically changed, with many people now working from home. An industrial shed with an office is a great way to utilise your space, providing an unbeatable multipurpose storage solution for 2023.

    Multipurpose Liveable Shed used as a home office
  2. If you're searching for enhanced storage solutions, but only have a small area of land for your build, a multi-storey structure may be the answer. These modern designs are perfect for accommodating a workshop at ground level, with additional space for storage or an office above.

    Multipurpose Workshop Shed with mezzanine floor
  3. For those wanting to maximise space and minimise materials, a retro fit shed (sometimes called an attached shed or an off-the-wall shed) is a great choice. This style of shed will fit seamlessly onto the side of most buildings when working with a solid foundation. If you're looking to customise or tailor your shed to better fit your existing structure, don't hesitate to contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds team to explore your options and find the best solution for you.

  4. Why not have the best of both worlds by combining your studio and art supplies to create one environment with it all at your fingertips? Modern shed styles offer numerous ways for you to incorporate natural light into your design, allowing you to create a productive and creative workflow.

    Multipurpose Shed used as a modern studio

From quality garden sheds and garages to new studio spaces and recreational areas, there's a perfect outdoor storage solution for everyone. Whether you're in need of extra storage, a garage, workshop, home office, or recreational space, a well-built shed can provide a wide range of lifestyle benefits.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we're dedicated to providing you with a personalised solution that perfectly suits your requirements and preferences. From design to construction, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of your build. With our full support, you can trust that your Fair Dinkum Builds shed will provide you with years of reliable use and satisfaction. Contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds expert today. They’re ready when you are. Where to Buy (fairdinkumbuilds.com.au)