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Quaker Barn with Balcony

1 March 2021


Adding an element of style to your Quaker Barn is easier than ever. With the addition of a balcony, you can change the entire look and feel of the structure, creating a haven to unwind, entertain or enjoy your morning coffee in. Interested? Find out more below!

What is a Quaker barn?

In essence, a Quaker barn is a bespoke steel shed, designed to your unique specifications and values. You can build this iconic style at a size that suits you, starting at a span of 6m to larger, liveable designs.

The concept? Go for one with a balcony for an easy, cost-effective way to turn unused space into something more practical, whether for your own entertainment purposes or as a second income. This could be in the shape of additional living space for your children or parents, or as a project intended to generate extra income, such as a holiday let, an office, gallery or studio apartment.

A Quaker barn from Fair Dinkum Builds is certainly one way to ensure you utilise any extra outside space to the max, by opting for a design that offers more headroom and capacity than a standard shed. Boasting a range of colours, finishes, cladding options and sizes, Quaker barns from Fair Dinkum Shed promise to deliver that extra ‘wow’ factor!

You can even create a customised barn with our easy-to-use software. Download the Fair Dinkum Builds Designer app free today and use your tablet, smartphone or PC to fashion your very own designer barn – or shed, carport or garage.

What can Quaker barns be used for?

These bespoke constructions are designed to ensure you utilise any unused outdoor space in the most proactive way possible. A Quaker barn is a great alternative to a low-key shed that offers less headroom or storage space.

Whether you require garages with more storage capacity by adding an additional floor, or wish to create a double-storey, three bed, two bathroom holiday rental with an impressive multi-car garage, Fair Dinkum Quaker barns have more uses than you would imagine. In fact, the options are endless.

One of the more popular ideas today involves fashioning a Quaker barn construction into a sideline rental business. Liveable barns are all the rage these days, with many wanting to book an escape that is more unique in style, even choosing to stay in old aeroplane hangars, barns with charm and buildings that promise quality, yet quirky experiences.

Features of a Quaker barn with balcony

A Quaker barn boasting a balcony goes one step further in the style stakes. Whether for your own personal use, office use, as an entertainment area or as liveable barns like those featured on Airbnb, having the option of a balcony is an asset.

Adding a balcony to your Quaker barn is a stylish and practical way to add more of a design feel to an upstairs space and an area that embraces the outdoors, through an injection of natural light. This area can be used to throw long leisurely brunches, lunches and dinners for family, friends and clients, or as a spot to enjoy a relaxing morning coffee and a book. Depending on where your Quaker barn is positioned, it may be the ideal setting to watch the sunset.

Our steel Quaker barns come with the options of doors, roller doors, windows and more, allowing you to choose style ideas that suit your tastes and needs. You can choose from our complete range of all 22 COLORBOND® steel colour options, plus additional premium finishes, to help personalise your build.

The benefits of having a Quaker barn with a balcony

Steel outbuildings are available in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes. They can also be fashioned out of various materials, including steel with subtle finishes, those with sliding doors and those oozing a designer edge. Which you choose depends on why you are investing in a Quaker barn and what you’ll be using it for.

Modern-day property owners wishing to add an outbuilding, such as a Quaker barn, to their land, will do so for a number of reasons. The main reasons being the versatility, style and space this type of construction offers, especially in comparison to sheds. Beautiful barn venues are an asset to your property, whether for personal or commercial use.


Quaker Barns are a great option for those who have a great deal of space on hand, as well as those who have more height and less square footage to work with. With these constructions, you can design high instead of wide. A double-storey steel Quaker barn will offer more storage than a single-story garage, yet won’t necessarily take up any more room footprint-wise. This is great news for those who want to get the most out of the little acreage they have to work with. Aside from optimising the space available, a quaker barn is a cost-effective investment for those wishing to add value to their existing property.

In addition to this, the notable height of a Fair Dinkum Quaker barn ensures storing larger pieces of equipment or machinery is a breeze. Items that you would normally struggle to store in a standard height, non-steel shed, can be safely stored away in a barn offering double the height.

Alternatively, adding an extra floor to a garage is a great way to add an entirely new level of storage space, additional rooms or a studio apartment. With a Quaker barn, very little square footage goes to waste, and with a range of quality design layouts to choose from, these structures can be adapted and restyled at a later date, transforming the outer home into an entirely new set-up. You may even wish to add a balcony to the mix!


As well as offering numerous practical uses, adding a balcony to a quaker barn gives it an extra element of style. Double story barn sheds from Fair Dinkum Builds, boasting balconies and glass sliding doors, can add an aesthetic edge to your property.


Another benefit? Fair Dinkum Quaker barns are one of the most versatile barn design options available on the market today, in fact, they can be used for an abundance of purposes, including anything from additional living, to storage space, an office set-up, a rental property or an entertainment venue for the likes of parties and weddings.

Quaker barns can be designed to fit in with your needs, budget and your surroundings. From the colours of the material, to how durable they are, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Homeowners looking for a quality structure that will stand the test of time can swap existing sheds and outer buildings for a Quaker barn from Fair Dinkum Builds, fashioned out of durable steel.

Steel is lightweight and offers a range of other benefits, which can include corrosion resistance, energy efficiency and more, while still providing a stylish option, with a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Metal barns are, extremely versatile and when correctly constructed, boast years of use, more headroom and more value. This makes them a great alternative to home sheds, garages and other outer buildings.

Why you should make a statement with a Quaker barn

If you are lucky enough to have access to an abundance of unused outdoor space, adding a Quaker barn to your land is certainly one way to make a statement, and it’s also an easy, cost-effective solution to alternative living and one that has your design values at heart.

On the other hand, you might want your parents to move closer to you, your children are at that age where they require their own space, or you could be looking for clever, cost-effective ways to generate an additional form of income. Whatever your needs, a statement Quaker barn is certainly one option, and an impressive one at that. With sizes starting at 6m in width, all steel barns are available in a range of cladding options. For more information on sizes and style, speak to our team today.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, customisation is at the core of our values. With a huge range of ever-expanding styles, creating structures that pack a punch is something we pride ourselves on, especially when there is a range of optional extras available, including skylights, horizontal cladding designs, insulation, mezzanine floors, internal walls in various colours and ventilation.

All the above reasons make investing in a Fair Dinkum Quaker barn a great venture, especially for homeowners likely to deal with more land priority changes over time, as this type of structure can be updated and redesigned to suit a range of purposes and values.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we offer a comprehensive design service to those looking to invest in Quaker barns with balconies. For more information, and to discuss the range options available, get in touch with one of our friendly, expert advisers for more today.