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Skillion Roof Carports

1 March 2021


Looking to buy or update your existing carport but are not sure which type of roof to choose? If you want a carport that’s structurally sound, easy to install and uniquely designed, the skillion carport might be the right choice for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits…

Benefits of Skillion Roof Carports

Easy to Assemble

The skillion roof is very convenient to work with. It makes use of a single pane so it’s very easy to build. Compared to gable roof carports and hip roofs, it also uses fewer materials, making it a great cost-effective option.

Water drainage

Skillion roof carports are a single, flat pane, but unlike an actual flat surface are always built at an angle – this allows for water run-off. You’ll get a more efficient run-off at a higher angle, but for a carport you can still get a quite effective performance out of lower roof pitches. If you particularly want to capture rainwater, or divert it, talk to your local Fair Dinkum team about the right design choices for you.

Solar panel-friendly

A skillion roof carport is set up perfectly for Australian weather conditions – you can choose a roof pitch that lets you capture the sun's rays efficiently. With the Australian sun at your disposal, your carport can perform multiple functions – but be sure to discuss this when getting your new skillion carport quoted as your chosen pitch, the direction this should face, and the position on your property will all be important to get the maximum performance.

Ideal for limited space

Do you sometimes forego the thought of a carport because of the limited space in your yard? A skillion roof carport might just be your best option. This carport uses only one panel so narrower spans are possible than with a gable roof. You can also adjust the pitch and height of your carport – so don’t let your smaller space get in the way of your creativity!

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Clean vibe

Since only a handful of materials are used in creating this structure, your home gets to maintain its clean and uncluttered vibe. Especially if you're a minimalist or going for a contemporary look, a skillion carport could be an excellent choice for you.

Inspiration and Different Designs

Skillion Carport FAQs

Q: Is a skillion roof cheaper?

A: While this will depend on your own design, they typically are cheaper than many other roof designs. Skillion roofs often require fewer materials than more complex roof styles, and are simple to install.

Q: What should be the angle of my skillion roof?

A: To work out the best angle for you, you need to consider the look you are after, height requirements of your vehicles, any space of height constraints on your property, the level of water drainage you’re after, and if you’re intending to add solar panels. From there, you local Fair Dinkum team can help you find the best solution.  

Q: What does a skillion roof look like?

A: Unlike other roof styles, skillion roofs only have a single flat surface. They can have a more subtle pitch, or a steeper, more striking look – it’s up to you.

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Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching showstopper that will be the envy of your neighbours and perfectly complement your home, or simply a functional roof to protect your car, you can trust that Fair Dinkum Builds has the carport to suit your taste and needs. Get in touch with us today for a quote!