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Skillion Roof Sheds: Designs & Inspiration

7 March 2021


A shed can be converted into a home office, a family getaway, or storage shed. Having a good shed enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space, and they can come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Skillion roof designs are one option that are extremely popular, because they provide a very modern, minimalist look.

Skillion roof designs are suitable for warm regions with less rainfall or small structures such as garden sheds. The skillion roof design has a high demand since it ensures you can save on space.


Skillion Roof Shed Inspiration


The Advantages of the Skillion Roof Shed

Skillion roof sheds are being used in small structures such as sheds and bigger structures such as houses. The design is also used for small spaces such as garages and porches.

Below are the advantages associated with the skillion roof shed design:


1. It is Easy to Assemble the Skillion Roof

The skillion roof shed makes use of a single panel, and it can be easily assembled. The angle or the pitch of the roof can also be changed easily depending on your preferences and needs, and you will not have to worry about the roof space being insufficient.

Fewer materials are also needed for the braces and trusses compared to the hip roofs and gable roofs. Additionally, this design can be a suitable DIY (do-it-yourself) project. If you are updating the roof or changing the design, you can conveniently work with the skillion roof design.

The roof design doesn't have joints and ridges, which means the rafters ensure the load is equally distributed. You only need beams and rafters with a 90-degree angle to support the whole roof.

2. The Steep Pitch Drains Water Easily

The steep pitch present in the skillion roof design ensures the snow and rain can run off easily. The pooled water will not pose a problem since there are no valleys and ridges present. You will save a considerable amount of money on waterproofing since the roof will drain the water easily. The steep pitch is preferable for regions with a lot of rain and snow.

3. The Roof Shed is Solar Panel Friendly

Australia has the largest solar radiation, which means you can save money by harnessing renewable energy from the sun to cater to your garden shed's needs. Since the roof has a steep angle, it can capture the sun's rays easily.

Solar panels usually generate a considerable amount of power when they are placed at a 90-degree angle. Compared to other roof designs, a skillion roof shed's steep angle is suitable for laying the solar panels.

4. You can Incorporate Skylights

To save money in energy bills, you should take advantage of the natural light during the day and the skylight at night. Skillion roof sheds are suitable for skylights since they have a long slope and low pitch. Since the roof is inclined, it protects the shed from direct sunlight while offering shade at specific times of the day.

5. It is Suitable for a Constricted Space

Some homeowners have foregone the idea of installing a garden shed since it has limited space, but they still need storage space. The skillion roof shed design has a suitable solution. If you're the only one using the panel, you won't have to bother about the ridge. The height and pitch can also be adjusted easily.

The skillion roof sheds are suitable for small spaces since it has an entry and its height is 2.1 meters which means you can store taller items easily. If you need more space, you can adjust the height of the ceiling.

6. It is Suitable for Collecting Water

This design has a butterfly roof whereby two skillions meet at the center, making it easy to collect the rainwater. Even without a butterfly roof, the skillion roof can be used conveniently since you can trap the water using a gutter.

7. Low Installation Costs

The cost of installing a roof shed is similar for the skillion, flat, hip, or gable roof designs; however, the installation costs are slightly lower for the skillion. Fewer materials are also needed, including accessories and rubber membranes.

8. It Looks Elegant and Modern

Most houses have gable roofs, whereas commercial buildings have a flat roof. When your garden has a skillion roof shed, it will look modern, sleek, and unique. It also looks streamlined and minimalist.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Design

  1. The climate conditions – the climate within your surrounding should be a deciding factor for the Skillion roof shed designs you'll choose. For an area with heavy snow loads, ensure the roof can shed the snow while withstanding its weight. If there is heavy wet snow on the roof, it should be removed to ensure no structural damage.
  2. The roof slope matters – the roof slope determines how fast the water will be shed and whether the snow can slide off easily. Ensuring the roof is sloping in the right direction ensures water is kept away from the roof shed's foundation and drains quickly. The slope also determines the amount of storage available in the attic of the shed.
  3. The roof design's complexity – some of the simple designs include a pitched roof that is low sloped. In this case, one wall is supposed to be higher than the other. Gable roofs are quite complicated, and only professionals can build them.
  4. The roof design cost matters – the roof type you choose determines the total cost of building the roof. A gable or sloped roof will not need any extra material. If you opt for an octagon roof, the cost will be high because of the extra amount of roofing and framing materials needed.


Skillion Shed FAQs

Q: Do the Sheds have a Warranty?

The warranty period varies from one roof shed design to another. A well-installed roof shed may even last a lifetime as long as it is also maintained well.

Q: The Accessories for the Shed

There is a wide range of accessories from which you can choose from. The shed will ensure your garden looks unique. Using accessories such as the window and Skylight units, you can ensure the shed has good ventilation and natural lighting.

The hinged door can be upgraded to a sliding door for a shed that has limited access. The shed can be secured using an anchoring kit. Using a shed ramp accessory, you can move equipment out of the shed at ease. Tool holder accessories make it easy to store handyman tools, brooms, and shovels.

Q: What is the Best Angle for a Skillion Roof Shed?

The skillion roof design's main pitch should range between 10 & 15 degrees, whereas the secondary pitch should not be less than five degrees.

Q: Is a skillion roof cheaper than other options?

The skillion roof is cheaper to install, and it has multiple slopes. Many people choose skillion roofs since they are easy to install, and the costs are also low.