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Whether you’re after an extra parking area away from the elements or the main carport for every day, we have the carport that will add an extra design feature to your home.

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  • Ideal protection for your special vehicle or equipment
  • Efficient and cost-effective design
  • A variety of colours
  • Customise size, roof-pitch to your needs
  • Add roller doors, gutters and skylights

Added protection!

Do you need a bit more space for another car, bike, or hobby? Add a single carport to your home for additional practicality and storage. Our single carports are a great way to protect your assets from the Aussie sun. With our 30 year system warranty, you can be assured our single carports are built to last.


Customisable Design

We offer a range of carport options so you can customise the single carport to your needs. Make your single carport unique to your home by selecting from various colours, sizes, design preferences, and more. Whether you require additional height to store a caravan, or you would like a dutch gable roof to complement your victorian style house, speak to one of our friendly experts today to start customising your single carport.

We also provide carports in other sizes:

Double carports

Triple carports

Versatile Use

With many design options available, you can design a single carport to accommodate various requirements. Increase the flexibility of your single carport by adding an additional roller door to the back to create a drive-through garage, add a wall to one side for extra privacy, the list goes on. 

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Frequently asked questions

Single Carport - FAQs

How much space does a single carport occupy?

A single carport will roughly occupy a 3.4 x 5.8m area. This size will comfortably fit a single vehicle. Depending on how much space you would like around your vehicle, you can request to adjust the area of the single carport to accommodate accordingly.

What is the minimum width and length of a single carport?

According to Australian Standards*, the minimum width for a single carport is 2.4m and the minimum length is 5.4m. An additional 0.3m is required on each enclosed side. This will accommodate a minimum door width of 2.4m. *AS 2890.1 Section 5.4

Are there options to customise the single carport?

Fair Dinkum Builds offers many custom options for a single carport. You can choose from different profiles, colours/finishes, sizes, roller doors, roof pitch, and extras such as gutters and skylights.

How long will it take to build a single carport?

A single carport will only take a few days to build. However, depending on factors like the region, delivery timeframes and building accreditations, the total timeframe may vary.

What are the pricing considerations for a single carport?

There are several pricing considerations for single carports. This includes types of materials, finish, sizing, roof pitch, guttering, location and so on. For more clarity, contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds outlet today.

How do I purchase a single carport?

You can purchase a single carport by either requesting a quote online or using our Fair Dinkum Builds Designer App.. To request a quote online, simply complete a five-step process. This will help identify the type of single carport you want to build. Conversely, you can use our Designer App to visually design the single carport to your specifications and request a quote directly from the app.

Does the single carport come with any warranty?

Yes. All our products come with a 30-year system warranty to offer you peace of mind and security. You can trust our single carport is built to last. For further details, contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds outlet today. Terms and Conditions apply.

What profiles are available for the single carport?

Our single carports are available in a range of Stramit profiles. Choose from Stramit® Corrugated, Stramit Monoclad®, Stramit K-Panel®, or Stramit Monopanel®.

What colours and finishes are available for the single carport?

Our single carports are available in a myriad of colours and finishes. Select from a range of COLORBOND® steel, COLORBOND® Ultra steel, COLORBOND® steel Matt, UniCote®  LUX, MagnaFlow®  and SuperDura™ Stainless steel. Our selection of colours and finishes to customise your single carport can be viewed here.

Am I able to request a single carport constructed from wooden materials?

The short answer is no. Fair Dinkum Builds offers products constructed of quality steel materials to ensure the sturdiness and longevity of the structure. 

How do I know if I have authority to build a single carport on my property?

Depending on where you live, different councils have different planning permissions to build carports and garages. Usually, this involves assessing the residential zone and neighbourhood plan. For more information, contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds outlet today.

Where can Fair Dinkum Builds supply & build single carports?

We have over 140 outlets nation-wide, and you can find your nearest Fair Dinkum Builds here.

Below we have listed some of our most in demand build areas: