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Looking for the best garage in Brisbane? You're in the right place with Fair Dinkum Builds' Garages. Our sturdy steel garages do more than just add room - they amp up your home's style, too.

Want it to match your house or stand out? No problem. We adjust sizes from single to four-door and beyond, making designs just for you. It's your call how simple or decked-out it is, and yes, we can add things like guttering and eaves. So, let's start building your dream garage!

Popular garage sizes

Single garages

Single Garage

At about 3.4 x 5.8m with a 2.6m door width, our single garages are just right for those who need a spot for one vehicle and a bit of extra storage. They're a practical pick for smaller properties or folks who like to keep things simple.

Learn more about our single garages.


Double garages

Double garage with roller door on front, personal access on side and bright green lawn

Our double garages cover around a 6 x 6m area with a 5.2m door width. They're a great fit for families with a couple of cars or anyone needing a bit more room for storage or hobbies. No need to worry about tight squeezes here!

Learn more about our double garages.


Triple garages

Skillion roof shed with lean-to and three roller doors

Measuring roughly 9 x 6m, our triple garages are a top choice for larger families or those in need of serious storage or workspace. With this much room, you can park your vehicles and still have space left over for a workshop or gym.

Learn more about our triple garages.


Four-door Garages

Green shed with four roller doors along front and a bright green lawn

Our four-door garages spread out over a spacious 12 x 6m area. They're perfect for bigger families, car buffs, or anyone who needs a lot of storage or workspace. With this garage, you'll have enough room for all your vehicles and gear, with space to spare!

Learn more about our four-door garages.


Garage designs and styles

Flat roof garages

Double garage and boat shed with both blue roller doors closed and a personal access door to the left

Our flat roof garages are all about keeping things simple. They're easy to build and blend into any property like a charm. Plus, that flat roof is perfect for some extra storage space.


Skillion roof garages

skillion garage

If you're after a more modern vibe, check out our skillion roof garages. With their unique slanted roof, they're not just a garage but a style statement. And don't worry - that roof is great at handling rain runoff, too.


Gable roof garages

Gable Garage

Fancy something classic? Our gable roof garages have got you covered. The peaked roof isn't just for looks - it gives you extra headroom and handles rainwater smoothly. It's a design that never goes out of style and works with pretty much any home.

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Ready to give your property the upgrade it deserves? A custom garage from Fair Dinkum Builds is just what you need. Get in touch with us to get a free, no-obligation quote. Let's make your dream garage in Brisbane a reality.


Frequently asked questions

FAQs about building a garage in Brisbane

How much do garages cost in Brisbane?

Prices for garages in Brisbane aren't one-size-fits-all—it all depends on the size, design, and materials you choose. For an exact quote, we recommend reaching out to your local Fair Dinkum Builds team.

Do I need council approval to build a garage in Brisbane?

Mostly, yes. In Brisbane, you'll usually need a building permit before you can start constructing a garage, including other steel buildings. But remember if you're outside of the Brisbane City Council area or elsewhere in Queensland, your local council might have its own rules, so we recommend to check with them.