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Looking for a secure place for your car? Fair Dinkum Builds Melbourne has got you with high-quality steel garages. Custom-made to fit your style and needs, these garages are more than just a parking space. They're your workshop, your storage solution, your hobby spot.

With all the customisation options - size, colour, roof-style - it's truly your garage, your way. So, let's start building something incredible together.

Popular garage sizes

Single garages

Single Garage

Have one car and want an efficient use of space? Our single garages are just the right option for you. They snugly fit into a 3.4 x 5.8m area with a 2.6m door. It's a parking spot, a storage solution, or your next DIY project space.

Learn more about our single garages.


Double garages

Double garage with roller door on front, personal access on side and bright green lawn

Two cars in the household? No problem. Our double garages have you covered. Sized at 6 x 6m with a 5.2m door, there's room for both rides. And the bonus? You've got extra space for storage. It's like having a roomy garage that doesn't eat up your entire yard.

Learn more about our double garages.


Triple garages

Skillion roof shed with lean-to and three roller doors

Big family, a couple of hobby cars, or just need more space? Our triple garages might be your match. At 9 x 6m, you can park multiple vehicles and still have room for a workshop or storage. It's like your personal mini warehouse.

Learn more about our triple garages.


Four-door Garages

Green shed with four roller doors along front and a bright green lawn

If you're after the 'wow' factor, our four-door garages are the way to go. Spanning a sizeable 12 x 6m area, these garages are perfect for large families, collectors, or those who can never have enough storage. It's a bold choice that'll make your property stand out, adding substantial value.

Learn more about our four-door garages.


Garage designs and styles

Flat roof garages

Double garage and boat shed with both blue roller doors closed and a personal access door to the left

If you like keeping things simple and sleek, our flat roof garages might just be your style. They're all about clean lines and easy upkeep, fitting right into any property. It's just the right mix of practical and modern.


Skillion roof garages

skillion garage

Fancy something a bit different? Our skillion-roof garages could be the one. The unique slant adds a cool twist to your property. Plus, it's pretty handy for dealing with rainwater. It's style and function all in one.


Gable roof garages

Gable Garage

Into the classics? You'll love our gable roof garages. They've got that timeless vibe, and the pitched roof means extra space up top. It's a solid choice that ticks the boxes for looks and practicality.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about building a garage in Melbourne

How much do garages cost in Melbourne?

With custom designs, the cost can swing based on several things, like how big you want it, the design you're after, and the materials you choose. Contact our team at Fair Dinkum Builds, and we can give you a more personalised quote for your dream garage.

Do I need council approval to build a garage in Melbourne?

In most instances, you will require planning permission to build a garage in Melbourne. Council regulations do vary depending on the local area though, so we do encourage checking in with your local council. Our teams have expert knowledge on approvals and planning permits and will be able to help guide you through this process.