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Perth sheds, garages, carports & more

Servicing Perth residents and customers throughout Western Australia, we pride ourselves on using high quality materials, to deliver Shedsafe Accredited products that are manufactured to code. Specialising in steel sheds, we cater for garages and carports, to patios, office spaces, workshops, barns, horse wash bays and more.

Each of our products can be tailored to build your dream shed, allowing us to create a design that optimises functionality and usability for projects big and small. Our team is passionate about bringing residential, commercial and rural steel buildings to Perth - and we're ready to bring your next project to life.


Our extensive range of products available in Perth

Residential Products

Residential Sheds

Steel residential sheds provide an economical and low maintenance solution for increasing the usability of your existing home's design.


Protect vehicles and valuable assets with a secure garage space. From single and double roller doors, through to multi-door access designs, our garages are built to suit all vehicles, from small cars through to a large four wheel drive or truck.


A new carport is an affordable investment with the potential to add value to any home. Whether it's shielding your car on a hot day in Perth or creating a new living area for entertaining, it's versatile nature makes this style suitable for almost any area.


Not quite a garage and not quite a carport, the unique construction of a garaport provides a fantastic compromise between two of the most popular shed designs - with a covered area made more secure by additional side walls.


More than just a shed, the pergola is truly an Aussie icon and can be seen as a featured architectural piece throughout many Perth and Western Australian homes.


From children's birthday parties to summer barbeques, your patio is the place where treasured memories are made. More than just a covered space, patios act as an extension of our living area to utilise the space and capture the fresh coastal breeze in homes across Perth.

Liveable Sheds

Whether you have a growing family or are looking to add some extra space for a rumpus room or studio, liveable sheds are a fantastic way to economically expand your living quarters.

Commercial Products

Commercial Sheds

Efficient construction times and durable materials make steel sheds a popular application choice for business owners Australia-wide.

Industrial Warehouses

For companies big and small, steel industrial warehouses offer a cost effective and time efficient solution, to protect assets and investments against theft and damage.

Aircraft Hangars

Through Shedsafe accreditation, we ensure that our aircraft hangars are engineered to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions and the strong winds commonly seen across Perth.

Office Buildings

Our custom office buildings can be manufactured with a huge range of optional fixtures and features, such as awnings, partitions and stylised entrances, to ensure a positive experience for both your team and customers.

Self Storage Sheds

We understand that the protection of assets is the lifeblood of the self storage industry and so we take extra measures to ensure your clients belongings are well taken care of. From fire resistant walls to high grade insulation, you can rest easy knowing your assets are secure.

Rural Products

American Barns

American barns offer a practical solution for larger storage needs. From horse stables to equipment storage or housing for taller vehicles, this customisable design will provide all the extra space you need.

Aussie Barns

Australian barns represent practicality at its best. To optimise the use of space, Aussie barns feature a high roof line, with a minimal drop when moving towards the side walls of the structure. This continuity across the top of the building allows for rural property owners to utilise all space and maximise on storage capacity.

Farm Sheds

Farm sheds can be tailored to suit your individual needs, from equipment storage to workshop spaces, our team will work closely with you to create the perfect area for your property.

Quaker Barns

The classic silhouette of the infamous Quaker barn design is second only to its practicality. When paired with stylised barn doors, high windows and a mezzanine floor level, this is truly one shed you'll fall in love with.

Equipment & Feed Storage

Our local team of experts understand that the climate in the regions surrounding Perth can often be a challenging aspect of rural life. Our equipment and feed storage sheds are designed to effectively store machinery, hay and grains to lessen the stress of harvesting and caring for livestock.

Horse Stables

Whether you're an owner, rider or breeder, we understand just how important your horse is to you. Our equine shelters are made custom to the needs of your horse, to ensure your new stable supports the long term development of your companion.

Horse Wash Bays

Manufacture with ZAM® - a highly corrosion resistant metal, our horse wash bays offer enhanced durability to ensure structural integrity in water soaked surrounds.

Paddock Shelters

As a staple on any rural property, paddock shelters play an important role in protecting your livestock and investments.

Riding Arenas

Our dressage and horse riding arenas are custom made to suit both partial or fully enclosed designs, allowing us to deliver the ideal space to suit both your training style and horses' abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a shed in Perth?

The price of your shed will be determined by a number of different factors, including the style, size and chosen materials.

Our team will work closely with you, throughout the whole process, to create a custom building that meets your unique requirements. This process ensures you get exactly what you need, without the surprise of any unnecessary additional costs.

Do I need council approval to build a shed in Perth?

To complete the entire process of building your new shed, you will require council approval. While Australian standards apply to construction, additional requirements may also be applicable to complete the whole process, depending on the regulations of your local council in Perth.

We manufacture our products to be Shedsafe accredited and built to code, allowing for a more efficient process when gaining the necessary council approval.

What sizes do sheds come in?

The length, span and height of your shed will be manufactured to fit the custom needs of your property. A number of other variables can also be tailored, including roof pitch, colour options, windows and roller doors. Our full range is highly customisable, allowing you to achieve a finished product that meets your exact requirements.