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Hay Storage Sheds

1 March 2021


Keeping your hay dry is undoubtedly one of the most important jobs to make sure that the condition and quality of your product is maintained.

An investment in a good hay shed could make all the difference for effective storage and management when it comes to your hay, so before you dive into looking for all your hay storage needs, let's explore the benefits of this structure.

Hay storage sheds benefits

Protection from weather damage

You can't afford to expose hay to moisture. Even a little amount of water within your hay bales can result in mould development, rendering your hay almost completely useless.

Exposure to extreme heat is also a big no given its inherent flammability, which can pose obvious risks in the Australian bushfire season if not stored correctly. And due to the uncertain weather in Australia, protecting it from the sun, wind, and rain can be a big task.

Hay storage buildings such as steel hay sheds are designed specially to protect your hay from unpredictable and uncontrollable weathers of all kind. This sort of farm storage keeps your hay out of the weather that may otherwise put it to waste, protecting it no matter the conditions. 


If you've been in the industry for a while, you will be familiar with the fact that hay doesn't stack neatly all the time. Over time, haystacks shift and even fall and lean onto shed walls due to their weight.

Lucky for you, hay sheds are built with such quality that they are strong enough to support hay without compromising its integrity.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, our hay sheds are made from heavy steel, fixings and materials that can withstand all kinds of weather and provide protection from corrosion, increasing the chances of your hay and feed being sheltered even from the harshest weather conditions. 

Easy access to farm storage

Our hay storage sheds are typically designed with open bays right along the front, allowing easy access to the stored hay.  The open bays also let farm machinery move freely, whether it’s to work in the shed, or whether you keep dedicated bays for parking.

But it’s your shed, and you can also choose to add closed bays to the design, for added security or to divide the floorspace into something that better suits your farming operations.

Cost-effective and designed just for you

Our hay storage sheds are tailored just for you. Each building is designed using our unique software, specific to your site, to meet your requirements.

We’ve worked with farmers directly for over 20 years to ensure our hay storage sheds are cost-effective and meet their needs.

With the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours available, you can design your hay storage shed however you like – or you can choose ZINCALUME® for a durable but cost-effective solution.


Worried you might not find a hay shed that perfectly suits your needs? At Fair Dinkum Builds, we understand that all farmers have different requirements. That's why we offer custom design options that don't only keep your hay dry but also ensure the maximum functionality of your structure.

Your options are endless when it comes to customising your hay shed to suit your needs. You can customise the height, width, span, sheeting type, design, and colours of your hay shed, making sure that the structure is perfectly tailored to your needs. Plus, you can choose from our range of extras to create your perfect shed. 

Hay Storage Sheds Inspiration and Designs

Hay Sheds FAQs

Q: What wind rating is my shed?

A: All buildings are supplied in accordance with the AS4055 for your area. Fair Dinkum Sheds can supply engineered ShedSafe accredited sheds to suit all areas of Australia.

Q: How big should my farm shed be?

A: If you’re not sure about how big you need your shed to be, a good starting point can be to consider how many bays you need, what clearance height you need for your machinery, and any other must-haves. From there, you can work with your local team to work out the perfect size.  

Q: Does my building require maintenance?

A: To A: To maintain your materials warranty, basic care and maintenance is required. ZINCALUME® steel and COLORBOND® steel is designed for Australian conditions and requires an occasional wash with fresh water to keep it looking its best. Learn more about Bluescope product care and maintenance or our warranties.

Q: Are you ShedSafe accredited?

A: Fair Dinkum Builds, one Australia’s leading distributors of residential garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial and commercial buildings, is leading the industry to be one of the first businesses to receive The Australian Steel Institute’s (ASI) new industry benchmark for steel sheds – 'ShedSafe™'. 

ShedSafe™ accreditation means that companies such as Fair Dinkum Builds have been independently audited to ensure that all guidelines set by the Building Code of Australia are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage.

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After everything you've done and spent to produce hay, storing it somewhere to ensure that your hay stays intact and that its quality isn't affected should be the least of your worries.

Investing in a good hay shed is well worth your time. If you have the space for a shed but can't decide which design and size to choose, get in touch with us and we will help you pick the best and design a hay shed that's right for you.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we make sure that the design of your shed is up to Australian standards and will last for many years to come.

Call us today with whatever enquiry you have and get a free quote.