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The iconic choice for Australian sheds

Not just a world-class building product, COLORBOND® steel is an Australian icon that has helped shape the country's steel building industry and the Australian landscape itself.
Why choose COLORBOND® steel?
  • Australia’s climate is unforgiving. Today’s COLORBOND® steel is made for our conditions, as a result of over 5 decades of research, development and innovation.
  • No matter where your new building is located, there’s likely to be a tried and tested COLORBOND® steel solution to suit you and your building’s environment.
  • 21 of the 22 COLORBOND® steel Classic and Contemporary colours incorporate Thermatech® solar reflectance technology¹, which is designed to reflect more of the sun's heat on hot, sunny days.
  • COLORBOND® steel is manufactured in Australia to relevant Australian Standards (AS 1397:2021 and AS/NZS 2728:2013) and offers five layers of protection:
Five layers of protection
  1. The steel base meets relevant Australian Standards, ensuring strict adherence to the required grade and strength.
  2. The base is then coated in BlueScope’s industry leading metallic coating incorporating Activate® technology2, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  3. A thin pre-treatment layer is applied to optimise the adhesion of further coatings.
  4. A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface.
  5. A topcoat of specially developed, exterior grade paint is baked on to provide resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering and to ensure the finish retains its look for longer.
Confidence that you've made the right choice

With 22 colours inspired by nature, COLORBOND® steel’s Classic and Contemporary palette allows you to match your shed colour to the roof colour of your home OR blend in and complement the surrounding environment.

You can also have peace of mind knowing your COLORBOND® steel for shed roofing and walling is warranted3 for corrosion to perforation and paint flake and peel for up to 20 years. You can find details of BlueScope’s materials warranty at bluescopesteel.com.au/warranties.

All the COLORBOND® steel used by Stramit to manufacture your shed is made by BlueScope right here in Australia.

COLORBOND® steel is easy to maintain – simple regular washing with clean water helps prolong the life of your shed, and will keep it looking its best for longer periods. Pay particular attention to areas not regularly washed by rainwater, such as walling underneath eaves, garage door tops and the underside of eave gutters. Make sure debris such as soil or mulch is cleared and not allowed to build up against COLORBOND® steel products.

1. Thermatech® technology is not available in Night Sky®, or non-standard colours, and is not available in COLORBOND® Metallic steel, or COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel. Results will depend on roof colour, level and location of insulation, type and location of building shape and function.
2. Activate® technology is not available for COLORBOND® Intramax™ steel, and COLORBOND® steel products with a galvanised steel substrate.
3. Warranties are subject to exclusions, application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your product for the warranty visit bluescopesteel.com.au/warranties or contact BlueScope on 1800 064 384.
COLORBOND®, Thermatech®, Activate®, Night Sky®, Coolmax® and BlueScope are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ABN 16 000 011 058.