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Large Sheds

1 March 2021


Large Sheds

You know what they say, go big or go home. Well, we're big believers of that here at Fair Dinkum Buildsat least when it comes to our selection of large sheds.

Our range of sheds and stellar design service will give you true peace of mind. Whether you're storing tractors, farm equipment, or you need a large multi-purpose commercial building, we can help!

Every design of industrial sheds that we offer is ShedSafe accredited and designed to Australian standards. What’s more – we offer fully engineered builds designed for your site, with exactly the inclusions you want.

So, if you fancy a service whose quality exceeds excellence, and meets all your requirements and needs, read on!

Benefits of a Large Shed

It's key to note that whatever your new large shed is for – whether that’s an industrial warehouse, a commercial building, an office, a sports hall, or a large rural storage shed – there's something in our range for you. Every shed design brings its own unique benefits – so let's see what they are.

We provide an easy yet comprehensive and fully compliant design and engineering process, and use top quality materials such as COLORBOND® steel, and have a huge range of optional extras – so you’ll get the outcome you want.


Whether your shed is a work space, or a large storage space, you’ll definitely want something that will last – and one of the key benefits of large steel sheds is their durability.

Since our sheds are built from only the best products, you can be assured that your shed boasts the highest quality and maximum durability.

Our designs are built to withstand wind conditions, even in Australia’s highest wind rated areas, so you know that your farming equipment, machinery or other valuables will be safe no matter what. We stand by our systems – which is why we offer an industry-leading 30-year system warranty on our builds, above and beyond existing materials warranties that may apply. Terms and conditions apply, and you can read these in full here.

We can also supply our large sheds in finish options that offer added corrosion resistance, if your new shed will be in a marine environment, around animals, or in another area with heightened corrosion risk – meaning your product is even more resilient.

Machinery and equipment storage

If you're well-versed in the agri-business, you'll know how important it is that industrial sheds provide a design that maximises storage space.

Large sheds are a fantastic solution to this given their design versatility, and at Fair Dinkum Builds, we pride ourselves on helping you create something that gives you the exact storage requirements you need.

Tip: If you design your shed with our range of roller or sliding doors, partition walls, open bays and other layout features, you can build something that not only maximises space, but lets you fully utilise it in a way that suits your business, and lets you work more efficiently.  

Give your property a boost

If you think about selling your farm or business in the future, then you'll need to consider the advantage that large sheds can bring. Just as a newly renovated kitchen adds value to a house, a large shed could also add to a commercial property.

So, if you're putting up a large shed, choose one that's built with the strongest materials and designed to last.

Completely customisable

When it comes to your perfect shed, a one-size-fits-all design does not exist. And that's a good thing!

Imagine having a shed that's site-specific and tailored to your needs. At Fair Dinkum Builds, we let you custom design every part of your shed – from its dimensions down to its colours.

Every element of these structures is down to your liking – and our team will make sure of it!

You can even add extra features to your design if you feel like it: doors, windows, insulation, lean-tos, skylights, roof accessories, you name it.

The idea is to make sure that you get nothing less than the perfect shed design, so it will perform exactly the way you want it to, for a long time. 

A handy workspace

When we say sheds can be turned into anything, we mean it. It’s easy to think of only smaller sheds, or maybe farm buildings, when we think of ‘sheds’, but in reality many larger warehouses, factory buildings, shops and even offices are just large sheds that have been decked out.

So ,whatever your business needs, there’s no reason you can’t find a space for it inside your new shed. It’s easy to section off areas for different types of workspaces, including separating office areas from the main floor, or separating customer areas. This not only helps make your space more efficient but helps keep everyone safe.

Perfect for livestock

A shed offers you a convenient place to make sure your animals are safely sheltered indoors. If your animals are a core part of your livelihood, you’ll want to make sure your farm buildings are durable, safe and suited to your animals’ needs.

Steel farm buildings are highly customisable so you can add features that can help keep your animals safe, comfortable and at the right temperature.

Tell us if you want your large shed to have insulation, whirlybirds, windows or roller doors and our shed experts can make it happen. You can also play with the floorplan of your shed to make sure it’s right for your work.

Large Sheds Inspiration and Designs

Large Farm Sheds FAQs

Q: How large is a large shed?

A: It’s really up to you – of course there are engineering considerations to take on board, but you tell us how big you need it, and we’ll find the best solution for you. We’ve got products and design solutions to help accommodate wider spans, long run roofing and more, so there’s a lot we can do to make big sheds happen. 

Q: What wind rating is my shed?

A: All buildings are supplied in accordance with the AS4055 for your area. Fair Dinkum Sheds can supply engineered ‘ShedSafe™’ accredited sheds to suit all areas of Australia.

Q: Does my building require maintenance?

A: To maintain your materials warranty, basic care and maintenance is required. ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel is designed for Australian conditions and requires an occasional wash with fresh water to keep it looking its best. Learn more about Bluescope product care and maintenance or our warranties.

Q: Are you ShedSafe accredited?

A: Yes! As one Australia’s leading suppliers of residential garages, carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial and commercial buildings, we are ShedSafe accredited. As a part of the Stramit family, we’re also a sustaining member of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), the peak industry body in Australia representing the steel supply chain.  

ShedSafe™ accreditation means that companies such as Fair Dinkum Sheds have been independently audited to ensure that all guidelines set by the Building Code of Australia are adhered to in the design of your shed, barn or garage.

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If you're looking for a shed company that can provide you with a functional and well-built large shed, with a wide range of options and the highest quality, let Fair Dinkum Builds do the job for you. Our design specialists will help you create one that perfectly meets your requirements and matches your taste. Contact us today for a free quote.