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Will a carport increase the value of my home?

26 April 2023


Sun, hail, rain, and dirt can all harm both the interior and exterior of your car. A carport is a great way to keep your vehicle safe from these harsh outdoor elements.

While building a carport can protect your vehicle, did you know that building a carport can have many other perks too?

Raising the value of your house, creating extra storage space, and doubling as an outdoor entertainment area are just a few benefits that the addition of a carport can bring. 

Along with a more in-depth look at how building a carport can add value to your home, we’ve hammered home seven other reasons why a carport is a great investment.

More Storage

Many homeowners have *those* belongings that don't really have a place to be kept. These things are usually too big to stick in a cupboard and look messy laying around the living area or backyard. Think of a crafts table, an icebox, or some foldable picnic chairs.

Along with having a place to park your car, of course, carports are the perfect way to add storage space for these things. A carport will keep your house and front garden looking tidy and provide a permanent home for these kinds of items.

By using your new carport for storage, not only can you store your goods in a more orderly manner, but the roof will also protect them from getting damaged. If you really want to keep your stored goods safe, you can also install a garage door on your carport for extra protection.

A Space for Outdoor Parties

In Australia, summer and entertaining often come hand in hand. Carports can be the perfect way to escape the hot Aussie sun when holding family barbecues or hosting guests. Because of its open-air design, you’ll still be able to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Simply shift your car onto the lawn's grass or into the driveway and move your outdoor furniture into your carport and you’ll have a makeshift patio in no time.

But, entertaining doesn’t just have to take place in sunny weather. Contrary to what most of our overseas neighbours think, most parts of Australia get a healthy dose of rain for a few months every year. Carports will help to keep your next family barbeque dry on drizzly days. 

With its water-carrying capacity and wind resistance, Stramit’s Monoclad® cladding is a great material to build carports with so they can double as both an entertaining area and protection for your automobile. Of course, if you'd like extra coverage for hosting events, or extra security for your vehicles, you can always have a garage door installed on your carport.

Cool Down Your Cars

Climbing into your ride on sweltering summer days in Australia is a feeling akin to climbing straight into an oven set to a scalding two hundred degrees. 

 Keeping your vehicle in a cool and covered space will bring down its internal temperature drastically. Fair Dinkum Builds’ solid structures will help you beat the heat by providing a sturdy and safe structure to keep the sweltering sun off your cars. 

However, not all carports are made the same. All metal roof sheeting is subject to thermal expansion, so make sure you do your due diligence and find a carport that accommodates the difference between the sheeting and the structure. All of Fair Dinkum Builds carports are made from high quality steel and consider the metal’s thermal expansion.


Improve Original Architecture

It’s important to take aesthetics into consideration when doing home improvements. If you nail the right look for your carport, it can complement the rest of your house and bring the value up significantly.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to find carports that you can customise based on your design and needs so they’ll look just right for your dwelling. Pre-set sizes and roof types of carports that come in packages will likely miss the mark.

Fair Dinkum Builds lets you tailor your own carport. You can adjust everything from the size and the material of your carport to the colour and roof pitch.  With an extensive range of colours, finishes, roof styles, roof sheeting options and more, our carports will easily complement the appearance of your house.

Vehicle Protection

Extreme weathers like hailstones can cause damage to a vehicle’s exterior that can cost more than the car itself to fix. Storms also commonly bring debris and broken branches, which can cause extensive damage to any vehicle.

Although the harsh weather can damage a car's paint, it’s important to keep in mind that a car's exterior isn’t the only thing the elements can harm.

Something as simple as prolonged sun exposure can affect the interior and upholstery of a car and show premature signs of aging. Heat can also decrease a car’s battery life. Hot weather can cause battery fluids to evaporate, which in turn can also cause damage to the internal structure of the battery as well.

All of these grim situations can easily be avoided by installing a carport to keep your cars cool and protect them from any rogue trees or branches. Of course, adding a garage door to your carport will protect your vehicle from street accidental emergencies.

Minimal Disruption

Unlike building an entire garage from scratch - which will cost you top dollar and is guaranteed to involve some loud and lengthy heavy machinery usage - carports take a fraction of the time and are quite simple to install. Carports will offer protection for your vehicle, add value to your house and expand your storage and entertaining options, all without annoying your neighbours too much in the build process.

The simple structure of carports means you can have your structure up and functional in a minimal amount of time and without much disruption. It's also important to keep in mind that after the stress of moving, it's unlikely potential buyers will want to throw themselves into renovations.

After all, there’s nothing worse than having your weekly lay in or your sleepy Sunday breakfasts ruined by jackhammers, dump trucks, cement mixers, cement cutters, and electric saws for months on end.

Attractive to Potential Buyers

While the list of pros for carports is extensive, increasing the selling price of your home is something pretty much all homeowners are interested in. Prospective buyers often have a checklist of things they require when shopping for a new home. More often than not on this checklist is somewhere for the new owners to house their car. So, building a carport is an investment into your future and a surefire way to raise the value of your house with minimal effort.

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