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Carport Sizes & Dimensions Guide 

11 May 2023


How much space do you need?

If you’re actively considering building a carport then one of the very first things you should consider is the size you'll need. Required carport sizes can be affected by a number of factors including the size of your vehicles, the number of cars you want to house and how much space you have available.

Carports generally come in single, double or triple sizes. But if you have a unique-sized vehicle – or are just looking for a carport that isn’t a generic size – your local Fair Dinkum Builds experts can help you design something flexible to meet your needs. If you're looking for a standard-size carport, they can also customise these to exactly the style you want.

Dutch Gable Roof Carport

To judge the amount of space you’ll need for your carport it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Number of vehicles.

  • Size of the vehicles.

  • Whether you want additional storage room.

  • What size complements the aesthetics of your house.

  • How much space you have available.

  • Added value to cost ratio.

  • Whether you want the carport to double as an entertaining space.

Once you’ve answered the above questions it should help to give you an idea of the size that's most suitable for your future carport.

Read on for some more information on factors that can affect your desired carport size.

Dutch Gable Roof Double Carport

Number of vehicles and their sizes

While most people will be looking to house one or two cars in their carport, some people will be looking to park other sorts of vehicles in there. Whether it’s a small smart car, motorcycle, electric scooter, or a large vehicle like a truck or a minibus, a carport can be constructed in the correct size to fit your specific vehicle.

As well as the size of your vehicles, considering how many of them you’d like to keep in the carport is an important decision. Single and double carports are the most popular option; however, triple carports are also quite common. If you have the space – and the vehicles – it’s possible to make carports that can house more than three cars – talk to your local Fair Dinkum Builds team about tailoring the design to suit your needs. Standard-sized carport kits generally come in single car size, double car size or triple car sizes.

Other uses

As you may have read about in our Will a carport increase the value of my home? article, there’s a variety of things that you can use your carport for, aside from housing vehicles. Carports can double as entertaining areas, as well as add some extra storage space for your home.

Before spending time designing a carport, you should consider whether you’ll be using your carport for other uses too. Even if you’re only looking to house just a single car in your new carport, double carports can give you extra room to store large belongings as well. The same sentiment goes if you’re looking to keep more than one car in your carport – triple carports will give you more storage room.

Alternatively, carports can be used as entertaining spaces. On occasions that you want to entertain, you can simply move your vehicle outside and hold a family BBQ or outdoor party in the carport. A single carport will be enough space for a small get-together, but if you’re planning on holding a bigger gathering, you may want to consider building a larger space. 

Flat Roof Carport

Real estate size

Of course, the amount of room you have available will play a major part in the size of the carport you choose to build. Even if you’re interested in building a big carport, if the size of the available room on your land is limited, this won’t be possible.

To figure out how big you can make your carport, it’s important to take measurements to see what's possible. A common mistake made is when people think they can use every last centimetre of empty land to build a carport. 

Firstly, if your state or territory requires a building permit to build a carport, it probably won’t be granted if you don’t leave some extra space. Building permits have strict requirements and usually don’t let homeowners build all the way up to the fence. Each council has different regulations so be sure to check with your local authority before moving forward.

Secondly, if you were to build all the way up to the fence it’s very likely you’ll have drainage issues. If your carport is draining onto the neighbour's property, you’ll probably have a very big problem.

Future use

When building a carport it’s important to think long term. Perhaps you only have a single car now, but have children who'll drive in the future and will need a place to park their cars when they’re old enough.

Alternatively, perhaps you have older children who'll park their cars in the carport now, but will likely move out in a few years and you'll no longer have a need for the carport. Of course, if you enjoy having friends over – or just have a lot of stuff – this area could eventually be used for storage or as an entertaining area.

Dutch Gable Roof Carport

Carport types

After you’ve figured out how big you want your carport, and how much space you have available, you can take the next step by working out exactly what will fit. If you’re looking to have a standard single carport – or a double or triple carport – measure out your intended area and take the below standard carport dimensions into consideration when making your decision. Height-wise, most carports require typical internal dimensions of 2m, but this can be more and will depend on what kind of vehicle you’d like to house.

Single carport

The average carport dimensions for a single carport in Australia are 3 metres (width) x 6 metres (length).

Single Gable Roof Carport

Double carport

The average carport dimensions for double carports in Australia are 6 metres (width) x 6 metres (length).

Double Gable Roof Carport

Triple carport

The average carport dimensions for triple carports in Australia are 9 metres (width) x 6 metres (length).

Triple Gable Roof Carport

Additional Council Carport Regulations

Each state has different rules when it comes to building a carport. Furthermore, each council also sets additional regulations surrounding what is and what isn’t allowed to be built in that area. However, carports do tend to have more relaxed rules than building enclosed garages.

Most councils will require a building permit for a carport. This can be received by lodging an application with your local council.

It’s best to check with your specific council to find out what is and isn’t allowed, but we’ve noted down some general requirements per state and territory. Read more about council regulations at State-by-state guide for carport council approval (fairdinkumbuilds.com.au).

How much does a carport cost in Australia?

The cost of a carport depends on a range of factors, including size, materials and additional features. To understand more about how these things affect the price of a carport, you can contact us directly for a quote Get a Quote (fairdinkumbuilds.com.au).

How close to the property line can I build a carport?

This depends on your state's rules and your local council's regulations. It’s best to contact your council directly to find out the specific information.

Does a carport add value to my house?

A carport can add value to your home in many ways. A carport can improve the look of your house, provide somewhere to park cars, add extra storage and provide an area that can double as an entertaining space. For more information on how a carport can add value to your house check out our guide here Will a carport increase the value of my home? (fairdinkumbuilds.com.au)

What's the advantage of a metal carport?

Metal carports offer several advantages over other types of carports. They are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, require low maintenance, can be customised to fit specific needs and preferences, are cost-effective, and easy to install. Metal carports are a great option for protecting your vehicle while also providing additional benefits.

Quality carports from builders you can trust

We’ve been in the shed and patio manufacturing business since 2007 and have helped thousands of Aussies build their dream structures. Our experts have over 30 years of experience and we’re meticulous about designing every structure to code.

If you're looking to build a carport and are interested in getting more information about your options and the cost, get in touch with our friendly team for a quote. 

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