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New 30-year System Warranty Launched to Shake Up Industry

1 March 2021


We've just launched our new Fair Dinkum Builds 30-year system warranty in a landmark move for the shed and patio sector.

It's called the Fair Dinkum Builds Warranty, and subject to the limitations and qualifications set out in the Warranty Terms and Conditions available here, it guarantees that each Building designed using our unique system and purchased in Australia from an authorised Fair Dinkum Builds licensee, will withstand the Wind Conditions for 30 years.

Customers will automatically receive this warranty over and above any materials warranty regardless of what type of build they desire.

Mark Cash, National Franchise and Distribution Manager, said the system warranty was just another example of Fair Dinkum Builds looking to shake up the industry.

“Fair Dinkum Builds looks at things very differently to others. It’s all about starting with the customer – they’re not buying a shed or patio, they’re looking for a means to an end.

“That could be a new wood working space, a place to secure a prized caravan or something else – the structure itself is just how they get there.

“So, it only made sense that we would offer the customer a different level of service too,” he said.

“Whether you’re after a residential shed, aircraft hangar, office building, horse riding arena or something else, it will all fall under our Fair Dinkum Builds 30-year system warranty.

“BlueScope and other suppliers offer a materials warranty, which our customers can also access.

"However, this system warranty will be on top of this – guaranteeing the design and system to withstand the wind conditions for 30 years”, he said.

For further details, contact your local Fair Dinkum Builds outlet today.

Terms and Conditions apply.