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Barn Sheds

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Are you looking for a sturdy, reliable shed that can withstand harsh Australian conditions? Look no further than COLORBOND® steel barn sheds. These beauties are designed to tackle everything from scorching summers to drenching rains and everything in between.

Whether you're storing tools, machinery, or just need some extra space, at Fair Dinkum Builds, our tailor made solutions mean that you're able to create a COLORBOND® steel barn shed that perfectly suits your needs. We're also fully Shedsafe accredited and offer a 30-year system warranty, ensuring you get long lasting durability.

Customisable COLORBOND® Steel Barn Sheds

We only use the highest-quality materials on all our sheds, and with our customisation options, the look of your COLORBOND® steel barn shed is totally in your control. Choose from a huge variety of COLORBOND® colours, different sizes, roof options, and extras, all of which come together to make the barn shed of your dreams.

Take a look at our Shed Designer App today to see what you can create, and when you're ready, contact us to get started.

Stramit® Corrugated roof and wall cladding
  • Cost-effective and simple to install
  • A tried-and-tested, ultra-lightweight and durable American Barn cladding
  • A timeless, classic roofing profile achieved through modern design methods and materials.
Corrugated cladding on a skillion shed with lean-to
Stramit Monoclad® roof and wall cladding
  • Protect your American barn from strong winds or heavy rain with this great all-rounder
  • Stramit Monoclad® cladding combines with Monolap joint systems to allow for long-run, single panel American barn roofs.
Close up of Stramit Monoclad wall cladding

Stramit Longspan® roof and wall cladding

  • Stramit Longspan® is one of our most architecturally flexible claddings
  • Suited to roofs and walls
  • Achieve a designer look with a cost-effective and straightforward cladding option.
Close up of Stramit Longspan profile

Stramit K-Panel® wall sheeting

  • The wide-coverage that K-Panel® cladding provides is perfect for smaller American barns
  • Optimised for ease-of-use and installation
  • This is an excellent cladding for property owners on a budget as its lower profile also allows for smaller flashing.
K-Panel shed with glass sliding door
Stramit Monopanel® wall cladding
  • Give your American barn a clean and uniformed aesthetic
  • Features concealed fixings and sleek lines
  • Monopanel® cladding comes in extensive COLORBOND® steel colour options.
Close up of Stramit Monopanel wall cladding
Stramit® C-Clad 280 wall sheeting
  • Features traditional lines and concealed fixing to enhance any house or shed
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile allows for smaller flashing and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications
Stramit SharpLine® architectural wall cladding
  • Cut a dynamic and visually bold profile for your American barn
  • SharpLine® cladding’s clean-cut aesthetic can complement the exterior of any American barn.
Close up of Stramit SharpLine wall cladding

The large range of COLORBOND® steel range of designer colours offers a classic and contemporary palette to enhance the beauty of every build.



Night Sky®


Shale Grey™

Evening Haze®


Woodland Grey®






Deep Ocean®



Pale Eucalypt®

Cottage Green®

Manor Red®


Classic Cream™

Dover White™

Colour lead times may vary on certain finishes in some areas. Check with your Fair Dinkum Builds representative before ordering.

The COLORBOND® steel colour swatches displayed have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as varying light conditions, screens and devices may affect colour tones and finishes.

COLORBOND® steel and ® colour names are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited. ABN 16 000 011 058.

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we understand the importance of having a rural shed that you know will work for your unique needs for years to come, which is why we tailor-make every rural sherd to meet your specific needs, using our unique design software. We can customise every aspect of your shed’s size, including the length, height, span and shape and more.

Sliding access doors
  • Open an entire wall of your American barn for maximum usability
  • Increase the air-flow and circulation throughout your American barn
  • Gives you total control over how they use your barn.
Taurean Commando Series
  • Wide-access doors that offer reliable wind and rain protection
  • Features long-life galvanised brackets for increased durability
  • The Taurean Commando Series is available in a range of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel

These Taurean Door Systems roller doors are also offered with Merlin or Grifco automatic door openers.

Taurean Windstrong®
  • These are the ideal roller doors for American barns in high-wind areas
  • These wide-access doors are perfect for rural use
  • Windstrong® door rollers feature a built-in sealant strip to prevent the entry of leaves or dirt.

These Taurean Door Systems roller doors are also offered with Merlin or Grifco automatic door openers.

5 degrees
  • A stylised and modern-looking roofline that commands attention
  • Perfect for American barn owners looking for something less traditional
  • Can only be utilised on mono-pitch roofed American barns.
American barn render with skillion 5 degree roof pitch
11 degrees
  • A timeless and traditional pitch popular with American barn owners
  • 11º is the ideal roof-pitch for the gable section of your American barn roof
  • Is also an option for monopitched American barn roofs.
American barn render with 11 degree roof pitch American barn with skillion 11 degree roof
15 degrees
  • This roof gradient provides considerable internal clearance for your American barn
  • Can be an excellent option for American barns that house machinery or larger vehicles
  • Excellent water-carrying capacity and strong-wind performance
  • Suitable for both gable and monopitch roof areas.
American barn render with 15 degree roof pitch American barn with skillion 15 degree roof pitch
22 degrees
  • This is the perfect roof pitch to attach solar panels to your American barn
  • Offers plenty of internal clearance and additional airflow in the higher parts of your barn
  • Can be used on both mono-pitched and gable roof sections of your American barn.
American barn render with 22 degree roof pitch American barn render with skillion 22 degree roof pitch
30 degrees
  • 30º roof slopes provide a significant amount of internal clearance
  • Perfect for American barn owners who wish to install a mezzanine, or house large machinery or equipment
  • Can only be used on the centre gable section of your American barn’s roof.
American barn render with 30 degree roof pitch
45 degrees
  • A visually striking and powerful heritage-listed roof-pitch similar to a church roofline
  • 45º provides an impressive amount of internal-clearance space
  • This roof-pitch is popular with heritage-listed sites
  • Only suitable for gable roof sections.
American barn render with 45 degree roof pitch
Eave overhangs
  • Overhangs ensure all entryways and exits to your American barn are covered
  • A modern and stylish aesthetic that is popular amongst American barn owners looking for a less traditional style
  • Overhangs perform well in both hot and cold climates.
Eave shed
Lean-to side walls
  • Use both left and right lean-tos to create an iconic American barn structure
  • Lean-tos give American barn owners total control over their barn's functionality
  • We can add additional lean-tos to your American barn for further customisation.
American barn render with 22 degree roof pitch
Champion Stable Systems
  • Designed to be completely customisable, to help create the perfect solution for any stable fit-out
  • Mix and match from an interchangeable range of doors and accessories, including sliding and swinging stall doors, day yard doors, horse stall walls, wash bays and more
  • Build a durable home for your animals that's comfortable and stress free.
Stable stalls with swinging doors
Personal access doors
  • Get in and out your American barn easily – without opening the roller doors
  • We can install personal access doors to accommodate wheelbarrows or wheelchairs
  • Choose a personal access door that complements the colour of your American barn with all 22 COLORBOND® steel colours available, as well as COLORBOND® steel Matt options.
Man holding open the personal access door on his COLORBOND steel matt garage with a four wheel drive parked inside
  • Let some light into your life, through our shed-specific American barn windows
  • Increase the levels of daylight and ventilation in your American barn
  • We build all our windows using AMIA high-performance glass.
Man walking through a shed home office with plants and computers
  • Protect your animals or yourself from heat or cold inside in your American barn
  • Use insulating panels to maintain a comfortable temperature, with optional R rating
  • We have a range of Fletcher Insulation options for every size of American barn.
Interior shot of a fully insulated shed
  • A quick and easy way to replace warm, stale air with a soft and fresh breeze
  • Prevent any condensation from damaging the interior of your American barn
  • Keep the temperature even and comfortable – all year round.
Corrugated shed roof featuring whirlybirds
Sliding glass doors
  • We offer two sizes of sliding glass doors that will accentuate any American Barn
  • Glass sliding doors give you ultimate flexibility over how you use your barn
  • Increase the amount of natural sunlight throughout your American barn.
Sliding doors seen from the inside of a shed
Storage mezzanines
  • Make the most out of all the available roof space in your American barn
  • Stow parts, files, animal feed or anything else safely and conveniently
  • Use every possible part of your American barn to its full potential.
Interior shot of a shed with a boat parked below the mezzanine floor
  • Stairs make getting to and from the mezzanine floor safe and convenient
  • We can tailor our stairs to meet the height requirements of your mezzanine and to suit the centre height of your barn.
  • Can be constructed from steel or timber – depending on your needs.
Internal stairs inside a shed
  • Easily subdivide your American barn to a floor plan that suits you
  • Partitions can be a great way to create a designated office area
  • Perfect for breaking up a larger space into more comfortable sized rooms.
Internal shed wall creating one large open bay and one smaller bay
InfinitiLine® gutter
  • A premium quality gutter, built with Australian weather in mind
  • Minimise the risk of water damage to the interior of your American barn in heavy weather, with concealed overflow protection slots
  • Maintain a sleek appearance while remaining fully complaint with rainwater overflow measures
  • Only currently available in ACT and NSW.
Close up of the Stramit InfinitiLine Gutter showing the concealed overflow slots
Other gutters
  • Reduce the risk of rain or water damage in your American barn
  • Choose from our extensive range of shapes, sizes and styles to create a solution that’s suited to your needs and compliant for your local region
  • We offer gutters in a selection of different COLORBOND® steel colours to accentuate your American barn.
Shot of the underside of eaves showing the downpipes and gutters
  • Let the sun naturally brighten up your American barn
  • Reduce the amount you spend on lighting or heating during the day
  • All our skylights are constructed from fibreglass or long-lasting, durable polycarbonate sheeting.
Inside of a gable roof shed with translucent skylight panels
Open bays
  • Open up a section of your American barn wall to achieve an open bay
  • Increase the ventilation and easy access to your American barn.
Rural shed with 3 open bays
Fire-rated walls
  • Protect your building and its contents from fires in neighbouring buildings. (Fire-prone areas may need to comply with Bushfire Attack Level requirements. Customers should contact their local Fair Dinkum Sheds distributor to order a shed that complies)
  • Added peace of mind that your animals or property are safer from the risk of fire
  • Uses Stramit’s Uniguard™ fire resisting boundary wall system for quality protection.
Stramit Uniguard™ fire resisting boundary wall system in green

Our industry-leading system warranty offers you peace of mind and security. All Fair Dinkum Builds designs are engineered using our unique software solutions and backed by our technical expertise, meaning we'll guarantee they'll withstand wind conditions for 30 years.

That's over and above any materials warranty you get from our suppliers.

Our system warranty is subject to the limitations and qualifications set out in the Warranty Terms and Conditions available here.

Our products are engineered to the highest safety standards and therefore comply with all national, state and territory building code requirements.

Our sheds are also ShedSafe accredited - an industry recognised stamp of approval, so you know that your shed will protect you, your family and your investment.

Designed specifically with you in mind

No matter if you’re a homeowner on acreage, farmer or horse lover, we can design the ideal solution specifically for you. All our American barns are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and built to withstand the harsh Australian environment.


What are the Benefits of Building a COLORBOND® Steel Barn Shed?

No matter what you're planning to use your COLORBOND® steel barn shed for, you'll be getting a ton of benefits, including:

  • Durability: When you choose a COLORBOND® steel barn shed, you'll be getting a structure that is capable of withstanding all weather conditions without warping, cracking, or rusting. As a result, you can rest assured your shed will remain in top condition for years to come.

  • Low Maintenance: While barn sheds made from traditional materials require regular upkeep, COLORBOND® steel is extremely low maintenance. With this minimal upkeep, you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your shed.

  • Versatile Design Options: Whether you need a small shed for tools or a large one for machinery, COLORBOND® steel barn sheds are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Likewise, with our customisation options, it's never been easier to create a structure that complements your property.

  • Fire Resistance: The fire-resistant properties of COLORBOND® steel also offer peace of mind in areas prone to bushfires, protecting not only the items you're storing within but potentially preventing fire from spreading further.

  • Sustainable Materials: Opting for a COLORBOND® steel barn shed isn't just about durability and style; it's a conscious choice for the environment, too. This is because COLORBOND® steel is crafted from recyclable materials and is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

FAQs About Building COLORBOND® Steel Barn Sheds

How much does it cost to build a COLORBOND® steel barn shed?

COLORBOND® steel barn shed prices vary, depending on the size, roof pitch, and other customisable options you've chosen. Contact us today to discuss your design needs, and we'll provide you with a quote.

Do I need planning permission to build a COLORBOND® steel barn shed in Australia?

You will need to obtain planning permission to build a COLORBOND® steel barn shed in Australia, but the regulations vary from council to council. This is something we can help you with as part of our design service.

Where can Fair Dinkum Builds build a COLORBOND® steel barn shed?

Fair Dinkum Builds has multiple outlets across Australia, and you can find your nearest here.