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Darwin's most trusted experts for quality sheds, carports, garages and more!

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Darwin sheds, garages, carports & more

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we specialise in all things steel – with a product range that includes garages and carports, to patio, pergolas, liveable sheds, aircraft hangars and more.

We pride ourselves on using high quality Bluescope Steel, to deliver Shedsafe Accredited products for clients throughout the Northern Territory. Each of our steel buildings can be tailored to suit your needs, allowing us to create a design that optimises functionality for projects of all sizes.

Our local team is passionate about delivering residential, commercial and rural design options to the Darwin region  and we're ready to bring your next project to life.

Our extensive range of products available in Darwin

Residential Products

Residential Sheds

Whether you're looking for extra storage space to declutter your house or want to upgrade your garage, our range of residential sheds can be tailored to match your needs.


As one of the most economical steel buildings on the market, the minimalistic design of a carport is ideal for creating additional vehicle coverage on a budget.


With the local experience of our Darwin team, we know the wet season can wreak havoc on your vehicles and belongings. Our custom designed garages offer the enclosed coverage of a steel building to protect your assets from harsh weather conditions.


Garaports are the perfect steel buildings for maximising the use of any garage area. With extended carport style roofing, now you can open those roller doors and enjoy a cool summer breeze inside your garage, while still being protected from rain, hail and shine.


There's nothing more breathtaking than watching the sunset across the ocean from Darwin. With a custom patio, you can transform any site into your own oasis, creating the perfect place to watch the sunset each day.


Are you looking for an escape from the sweltering Australian sun? Somewhere with high ceilings so you can capture the summer breeze? Pergolas will get the job done, by offering a quality building solution with an efficient installation process, so you'll be kicking back to enjoy the outdoors before you know it.

Liveable Sheds

If you're looking to fit out your new shed to make extra liveable space, our NT teams can help guide you through the design process of building your new liveable shed. From partitions and insulation, to colours and awnings, our extensive range is highly customisable.

Commercial Products

Commercial Sheds

As an experienced Australian shed company, we understand that the needs of each business are unique. From workshops and warehouses, to custom office buildings, we've got your commercial needs covered.

Aircraft Hangars

Through site specific engineering, we manufacture aircraft hangars that are safe and secure, throughout the ever-changing weather conditions of Darwin.

Industrial Warehouses

Constructed with Australian BlueScope steel, our industrial warehouses are made to withstand the constantly changing environment of Northern Territory weather conditions. Through rain, hail and shine, our sheds will work to protect your investments.

Office Buildings

Whether your company is large or small, we can design office buildings that are tailored to your site requirements, to support the growth of your business.

Self Storage Sheds

With our solutions for self storage sheds, we pride ourselves on building commercial structures that protect your clients' prized possessions. Create a design that works for your facility's storage needs, with additional extras such as high quality insulation and fire resistant walls.

Rural Products

American Barns

The striking gable roof of the American barn makes it one of the most recognised shed designs throughout the world. In Darwin, the American barn boasts many advantages, including high ceilings to increase airflow and reduce heat and humidity within.

Aussie Barns

One of the most popular building designs across the country, Australian barns feature increased ceiling height, with minimal drop to the side walls, optimising the space for the storage of larger farm machinery and equipment.

Farm Sheds

From workshops to storage and everything in between, our shed designs work to make farm life easier, with highly customisable features so you can get the functionality you need.

Quaker Barns

It's easy to see why the classic architectural design of the Quaker barn is still popular with many property owners, featuring tall ceilings, adaptability for a mezzanine level and high barn windows for greater ventilation.

Equipment & Feed Storage

Storing equipment and feed can be a challenging task, particularly in the ever-changing climates of Northern Territory. Our local network of professionals will work with you to ensure you are protected and ready for anything mother nature throws your way.

Horse Stables

From single horse shelters to larger livestock properties, our range of equine stables has been designed to deliver the highest level of comfort for your horse.

Horse Wash Bays

Made to withstand the test of time, even in water soaked surrounds, our horse wash bays are manufactured with a highly corrosion resistant metal, for enhanced lifespan and durability.

Paddock Shelters

For rural properties in the Northern Territory, paddock shelters are a staple. Manufactured with quality Australian steel, these shelters will protect your livestock from harsh weather conditions, providing them with much needed respite from rain, hail and shine.

Riding Arenas

Whether you're preparing for your next competition or training the newest member of your equine family, our dressage and riding arenas are designed to complement the needs of you and your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a shed in Darwin?

Depending on the chosen design and materials, the final cost will vary between projects, as we pride ourselves on creating a tailored solution for your needs. This lets you rest easy knowing that you're getting exactly what you need, without the surprise of any unnecessary additional costs.

Do I need council approval to build a shed in Darwin?

Approvals and permits are necessary for the construction of any new building in Darwin. Australian standards apply for all structures, along with any specific requirements as outlined by your local council. Our huge range of products are Shedsafe accredited and designed to code, allowing you to more efficiently gain all the permits for final council approval.

What sizes do sheds come in?

At Fair Dinkum Builds, we specialise in custom homes and buildings, allowing you to create a shed that meets your exact requirements. Height, span and length will be determined by your design plans, while other variables can also be tailored, such as roof pitch, colours, windows and roller doors.