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Looking to elevate your home with a stylish yet functional addition? Fair Dinkum Builds is here to serve you and your Darwin home. These aren't just any garages. We're talking secure steel havens for your car, extra storage, or even a personal retreat.

Tailored to blend with your home or make a statement, our garages come with a huge range of options - guttering, eaves, and all. Whether you prefer it simple or snazzy, single or multi-door, we're here to bring your garage vision to life.

Popular garage sizes

Single garages

Single Garage

Ever felt like you just need a little extra space? Our single garage has got your back. It fits snugly into a 3.4 x 5.8m area and comes with a 2.6m door width. Perfect for your car, sure, but think about the extras: storage, hobbies, bikes. And if driving through is your thing, we can add another door at the back.

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Double garages

Double garage with roller door on front, personal access on side and bright green lawn

Here's where things start to get roomy. Our double garage lives in a 6 x 6m area and boasts a 5.2m door width. That's twice the fun, right? You're not just protecting your vehicles - you're creating space for your hobbies and adding value to your home. And the doors? One big one or two singles - it's totally up to you.

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Triple garages

Skillion roof shed with lean-to and three roller doors

Ready to go big? Our triple garage is all about space and flexibility. It comfortably sits in a 9 x 6m area, making it the perfect home for multiple cars or even a boat. We offer various door combinations and the option to increase roof height and door size. Because who doesn't love options?

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Four-door Garages

Green shed with four roller doors along front and a bright green lawn

If you're all about space, our four-door garage is a dream come true. It fills a whopping 12 x 6m area, making it ideal for commercial use, car enthusiasts, or anyone with a lot of stuff. Customize it to suit your needs, whether that's adding storage, partition walls, or a home gym. It's your space, make it work for you.

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Garage designs and styles

Flat roof garages

Double garage and boat shed with both blue roller doors closed and a personal access door to the left

Want to keep things simple yet functional? That's where our flat roof garage steps in. Its minimalistic design syncs well with any home style, no questions asked. And the flat roof? It's not just a roof - it's your extra outdoor space ready for solar panels or perhaps a rooftop garden if you want to.


Skillion roof garages

skillion garage

If you're the type who likes to mix things up a bit, our Skillion roof garage is a great option. With its unique sloping surface, it adds a dash of modernity to your property. And practicality? It's right there with an angled roof perfect for rainwater runoff and the potential for higher storage at one end.


Gable roof garages

Gable Garage

You can't go wrong with a classic. Our gable roof garage is a timeless choice that suits homeowners with a taste for tradition. The two sloping sides forming a ridge at the top aren’t just for show – they offer great ventilation, extra attic storage space, and stand strong against the wind. It's a charming blend of style and substance.

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Don't just dream about that perfect garage, make it happen with Fair Dinkum Builds! Whether you're after more storage space or a new spot for your wheels, we're here to help. Reach out to us today for a personalised, obligation-free quote, and let's start designing your custom-made garage in Darwin.


Frequently asked questions

FAQs about building a garage in Darwin

How much do garages cost in Darwin?

Custom built garage costs vary due to the range of styles and options, so providing general cost information is not possible. However, a local expert will be able to cost this up for you, with exact requirements in mind.

Do I need planning permission to build a garage in Darwin?

Council approvals are essential before building a garage in Darwin or the Northern Territory. Get in touch with one of our local experts, and they can help guide you through the whole process.